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Oh boy, why nobody told us that this treasure from Romania is so hot?! We present you Madalina Ghenea nude pics, topless and sex scenes, and some of her hottest images from the social media, red carpet, and magazines!

Madalina Diana Ghenea is a Romanian actress and model. She was born on August 8th, 1987. I thought this girl is at least 40. But she is just 32. Maybe plastic surgery made her look like a plastic doll, like many Holywood celebs. Ghenea started her career in modeling when she was 15 years old, presenting for the designer Gattinoni in Milan. Madalina participated in many fashion shows in her motherland, Italy, Germany, Japan, Austria, Spain, France, and South Africa. Also has appeared in several advertisements including Peroni, New Yorker, and Quelle.

Madalina Diana Ghenea is a Romanian actress and model currently living in Milan. And she became popular for dating Hollywood actor Gerard Butler! Her worldwide fame came in 2007, after appearing in the video for Eros Ramazzotti‘s album “The New Best of Eros Ramazzotti – Il tempo tra di noi”. Romania is hiding many of whores! One of the most popular from this ugly country is very hot Alexandra Stan, whose nudes and leaked porn video we have here also! Maybe you’re a fan of blondes!

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Madalina Ghenea Nude and Sex Scenes

You will definitely enjoy all of these Madalina Ghenea nude and sex scenes that we have prepared for you! Just press play and enjoy, they are from various movies, so you will definitely find what you’re looking for in here!


Check out Madalina Ghenea nude video and pics from ‘Youth’, Italian comedy made in 2015, where we can see this former Miss Universe completely naked! At first, Madalina is coming into the room with a swimming pool, where Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel.

Madalina Diana Ghenea is a Miss Universe, and nobody expected her to strip fully nude and to join grandpas! Naked boobs, bush, and ass, Miss Universe makes this nude debut once. Now we can repost it until she dies! What a body, what a face, and what a bush!


Hot actress and the hottest scene! Madalina Ghenea’s best sex video is here for 100% free! In the scene, u can see Madalina Diana Ghenea having intense sex with a guy! He’s fucking her hard while she cries. Then he reaches down and grabs her neck choking her a bit as they continue to have sex! Wild people hope u like it as much as I do!

Madalina Diana Ghenea is making out with a guy as they strip off their clothes. She is revealing her ass and nude boobs before having sex. Diana grabs her man’s ass and then turned around pushed up against the wall with him behind her.

Then Madalina Ghenea is lying naked on her side with a mask on. The guy walks up and then climbs onto the bed talking with her, before she removes the mask. Madalina kisses him all while her hair hangs loosely over naked tits.

Ghenea is walking up to a guy naked with her hair over the breasts. She kisses down guy’s chest and stomach while they talk. He then pushes her down onto a bed while she wraps her legs around his body.

Diana Ghenea is standing nude pressed against a guy, showing her boob. The guy opens the door and talks with another guy all while Madalina stands there watching and grabbing his ass a bit.

Madalina Ghenea Naked and Hot Pictures Collection

Fellas, prepare to be blown away! After seeing Madalina Ghenea fully nude, we have to show you her bikini figure, feet, cleavage, slightly naked pics, and many of her selfies. This woman knows how to pose. She has such a feminine beauty and sex appeal. I’m so horny while watching her looking at the camera and making her hands go with the flow!

And one gallery is separating you from the orgasm. Madalina Ghenea and her bikini figure, ass, and long legs are here to give you the pleasure. Such a perfect woman, just keep watching her fantastic pics and tell us what are you thinking about when looking at her!

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The model Madalina Ghenea showed her delicious pussy lips while was drunk with her man! They appeared in Portofino, enjoyed the sunny day on the beach, and they were so in love. But one detail will draw your attention… Hottie Madalina wore a swimsuit that showed her attributes.

At first, the couple was happy and showed signs of intimate relations, but then something happened. Diana Ghenea looked at her phone, and some messages made her man upset. She then started to drink beer… Yeah, folks, this beauty is drinking like some hairy man from her country… And she got drunk real fast, the boyfriend was mad, but her boobs even bigger. Or it’s just me?

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