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Alexandra Stan is a Romanian singer and songwriter. She is 31 years old. Stan made her worldwide breakthrough with the single “Mr. Saxobeat“. It was followed by her debut recording, “Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)” in 2009 which brought her fame in her native country. “Mr. Saxobeat” quickly achieved commercial success in Romania and abroad, reaching number one in several countries. Saxobeat, her debut studio album, was released in 2011 and features the follow-up single “Get Back (ASAP)” and also was hit.

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There is the viral leaked porn video of Alexandra Stan full-frontal nude body! She is seen dancing and taking off her clothes in front of the camera. She had put some idiotic filter with sparkles, and it changed her alien face a bit, but the ugliness is here, don’t worry about it. Alexandra has shaved her pussy and have us the nice view of it, also her saggy tits are bouncing. I don’t see the point of sending this porn to a lover, but who the fuck cares about me, fappers gonna fap, and we’re gonna continue to post leaked videos!

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Alright guys, so here is a clip of miss Alexandra Stan! She shared this clip of her singing! But, even though that she was naked, she though no one would notice because she was filming only her face! Luckily for us, she seemed to forget it, so we had a brief viewing of her tits and hard nipples! Well, she as well noticed it soon, and she took the video down, but we managed to get it saved by then!

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And now, let’s take a look at another Alexandra’s oops moment! She was once again filming a short clip of her cooking or some shit, it doesn’t even matter.. What matters is that we had a chance to see Alexandra Stan braless!

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Okay, so for the end, here are a few photos of Alexandra Stan sexy showing off  of her hot body! People say that she is just a desperate 30 year old lesbian who will do anything to get some attention, but I personally like her!

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