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Rosario Dawson is a hot American actress, singer, and writer. She appeared in many movies and series, ‘Sesame Street’ was her first! Other roles Dawson had in ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jessica Jones’, and ‘Iron Fist’. She’s active in politics too, Dawson is dating U.S. Senator, presidential candidate, and former mayor Cory Booker.

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In a nude sex scene, Rosario Dawson exposes her butt and left breast from the side. She is on a bed with a man. After that, we see her resting on her stomach, exposing her butt. She then moves over to lie on top of the guy, exposing the sides of her breasts. She’s finally rolled over in bed with him.


Rosario Dawson is strolling naked along a hallway. She is displaying a fully shaved frontal view of her breasts and vaginal lips. A man observes her approach. She then walks in front of him, and we get a fuzzy image of one of his butt cheeks in the foreground, as seen from behind.


In a flashback sex sequence, Rosario Dawson is initially seen naked on top of a male in bed. Then she stands naked, delivering another daring full-frontal view. She moves his hand down between her legs as he stands behind her. We then see a mirrored image of Rosario strolling around a room naked. Finally, she’s exposing her right nipple while resting in bed next to the guy, her breasts half hidden by the sheets.


“Sin City A Dame to Kill For”

Rosario Dawson is dressed in a skimpy black leather bustier-style top. It reveals a lot of cleavage. She is conversing with a man who is lying in a bed.


“Sin City A Dame to Kill For – Special Features”

Rosario Dawson has seen in full color during a video with a very low frame rate set to music. She emerges from behind a group of women, wearing a black leather bustier. It accentuates her stunning cleavage. Then she interacts with a person before sprinting forward to help a wounded guy, all while filming behind the scenes in front of a green screen.


“Luke Cage”

Rosario Dawson sways her hips and performs a seductive dance with a man. Then she has sex with him on a bed, making out while rolling about on top of him and on her back. In the process, she gives us some pretty dark peeks of the side of her left breast till they finish and she sticks out her tongue and he starts kissing her again.


“Puerto Ricans In Paris”

Rosario Dawson is dressed only in her underpants. As she sits on a sofa next to a guy, she flashes plenty of cleavage. She speaks to him while applying her cosmetics. She then rises up, her breasts bouncing slightly as she leans over to put on a dress.


“He Got Game”

Rosario Dawson has observed from the side while riding a guy. From another angle, we can see her topless as the guy clutches her breasts. She and him are having sex beneath a pier.


“Girl Walks Into A Bar”

Rosario Dawson was spotted wearing a grey bra in a white room. A man approaches her from behind. During a fantasy dream sequence, he talks to her hand, then is shown slipping her top off before getting back into her bra.



Rosario Dawson is spotted removing her robe in a bathroom. She’s exposing her naked buttocks and the majority of her left breast from behind. She then enters a bath tub before coming to a halt and tugging her robe closed to turn around.


“Clerks II”

Rosario Dawson is performing a rooftop dance. She’s dressed in a blue tanktop. As a guy watches her dance, her breasts bounce pleasantly.



Rosario Dawson is completely exposed. She first fights with a man, straddling him and threatening him with a knife. She eventually has sex with him. In the process, we get a good view at her breasts, bush, and a bit of her buns. It includes some different footage from the Director’s Cut, which we also show.



Rosario Dawson is having sex with a man. They are lying on a bed. He begins to feel her breasts and grope her through her low-cut black dress. He then pulls her arms back and pins her down. While she struggles, he becomes increasingly aggressive.


“Top Five”

Rosario Dawson is having sex with a man. She is lying on her back with her knees raised. Then he asks her to stick her finger in his ass, which causes him to get even more involved and yell out while she lies beneath watching.


Rosario Dawson emerges from a bathroom wearing a little sheer black bra. She notices a man who is naked and on all fours waiting for her. This irritates her, so she grabs a tampon and covers it in hot sauce. Then she shoves it up his ass and watches him hop around on the bed and cry out in pain, all while viewed in a flashback as she tells another guy about it.


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