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Check out the big compilation of Paulina Gaitan nude and sex scenes, she showed her sexy body, also big boobs and ass! This Latina was seen naked many times on the screen, but her most notable nude performances were in ‘Narcos’ and ‘Diablo Guardian’.

Paulina Gaitan Ruiz is a 27 years old Mexican actress, best known for her great role in the popular Netflix series, ‘Narcos‘. She starred the devoted young wife of Colombian Drug King, Pablo Escobar. She was the female lead in the film ‘Sin Nombre’, where she played Sayra. The woman who joins her father and uncle, when they tried to migrate from Honduras to the United States. And ends up traveling with El Casper, a gang member. Gaitan also played in the movie Trade alongside Kevin Kline. She portrayed Sabina, a lead role in the Mexican horror drama ‘Somos Lo Que Hay’. Also, she appeared in the movie ‘En Tus Manos’. After that, she was part of the cast in the ABC Steven Spielberg series ‘The River’. In 2018, beautiful Latina began starring as Violetta, the female lead in the ‘Diablo Guardián’.

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Paulina Gaitan naked and sex scenes

‘Diablo Guardian’ nude scenes

Check out the first Paulina Gaitan nude scene from ‘Diablo Guardian’, where you can see her completely naked laying in the bathtub and chilling! Then she shows her big tits in close view and made me hard as fuck! Paulina has nice sized boobs and dark nipples as every horny Latina actress!

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‘Diablo Guardian’ sex scenes

There is first Paulina Gaitan naked sex scene. Here you can see her riding a guy as he’s moaning and strangling her! She obviously likes hard and rough sex! Paulina has perfect natural tits and ass as you already saw from the scenes above!

Here is another sex scene where Paulina Gaitan enjoys in hot sex from behind. She is on all fours on a bed as a guy gives her hard fucking. Then, she turns on her back and gives us a great look at her nude natural breasts. We see her naked butt when she rolls on the bed all hot and wet.

Again, sexy busty actress, Paulina Gaitan is seen in a nude sex scene shows her bare tits! She rides a guy and we can see her nude body to the reflection in the mirror. The guy grabs her nude boobs and has sex with her on the couch. What a woman!

In this hot scene, Paulina is laying on her belly at first. She has make-up and black body-suit, as she smiles and looks like a goddess. Then she rolls in the bed with a guy, as she showed her bare naked tits. The man is touching and cuddling her!

Here is one more scene, where we can see Paulina Gaitan in a nude fucking video! She shows a topless body, as her boobs are bouncing while she is riding a blonde muscular guy.

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Beautiful Paulina Gaitan is a new talent, I don’t know if you are watching Narcos. But since I first saw her I couldn’t stop staring at her perfect natural tits! Enjoy this short scene with Paulina riding on top of her man, Pablo Escobar! She shows bare naked tits as rides her husband.

Here is one more scene from Narcos, where Paulina Gaitan is making out with her man all wet and hot, while her tits are bouncing. Paulina wears a white see-through bra, as her guy is squeezing them and making her moan!

‘Eddie Reynolds Y Los Angeles De Acero’

In the last scene, Paulina Gaitan shows her big hot boobs and ass! She enters totally naked into a room and gives us a great look at her nude large boobs and juicy nipples. Then we get a quick view of her busty butt. Enjoy folks, scroll down and enjoy watching this gorgeous woman alongside our other celebrity porn!!

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