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Laura San Giacomo is a 56 years old sexy American actress. She is best known for popular roles in movies and series. Her first noticed appearance was as Cynthia in the film ‘Sex, Lies, and Videotape’, then Kit De Luca in the film ‘Pretty Woman’. Also as Nadine Cross in ‘The Stand’, and Maya Gallo on the NBC sitcom ‘Just Shoot Me!’. A BAFTA Award and two-time Golden Globe Award nominee, she also played the regular role of Rhetta Rodriguez on the TNT drama Saving Grace, and Dr. Grace Confalone in ‘NCIS’. San Giacomo has been married twice, first to actor Cameron Dye. They have a son who has cerebral palsy. Then she married actor Matt Adler in 2000 and they are still in the marriage.

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“Nina Takes A Lover”

Standing in a room with a towel and a purple striped bodysuit is Laura San Giacomo. She appears in front of a mirror in black underwear in the next scenario. She then dons a black bikini with pleats.

In a white shirt and black pants, Laura San Giacomo walks into the kitchen. She brews some coffee.

Laura San Giacomo wearing an unbuttoned top and a white bra. A nude man is touched and kissed by her.

“Under Suspicion”

A man is fucked by Laura San Giacomo. They are utterly bare. Her neck and shoulders are kissed by him. They carry on kissing and fucking.


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