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On her side, Katheryn Winnick engages in sex with a man while wearing a beige top that is just just see-through enough to reveal her erect nipple. She then briefly converses with him before turning over onto her back and engaging in sex with him once more. via “Vikings.”


When she has sex with a man while riding him on a bed and exposing her bare back, Katheryn Winnick is gasping loudly and sobbing. When they eventually finish and kiss, they part ways. via “Vikings.”


Initially seen sitting on a bed, Katheryn Winnick (right) and Josefin Asplund (left) begin to make out briefly before Katheryn is seen lying on her back while Josefin lies down on her, then being flipped over onto her stomach while Josefin rubs her from behind. via “Vikings.”


On a bed, Katheryn Winnick is lying on her stomach while Josefin Asplund approaches from behind. Just as the scene fades, Katheryn turns and gives Josefin a passionate lesbian kiss. via “Vikings.”


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