Kate Winslet Nude and Explicit Sex Scenes Collection

Collection of Kate Winslet nude and her best sex scenes from movies. She is a famous actress and she did appear in many provocative scenes in various movies. After these movies, she goes public with the statement, that she is a bit ashamed of her naked and porn scenes. But we are so lucky that she didn’t change her mind before she did them since the world would definitely miss this beautiful nude body of miss Kate.

She keeps insisting she hopes it makes her female fans feel better about their own figure, and those are two very different statements! We certainly hope that Kate Winslet’s nudes will reappear in some of her new sex scenes from future movies. She is one hot MILF now after all!

Kate Winslet Sex Tape- LEAKED

The Kate Winslet sex tape is finally here guys! The video is a few years old, though we see everything that we like! It’s our favorite blonde, just a bit skinnier and younger! She was always hot as hell, do you agree? So guys, here is the porn that was leaked online from Kate Winslet’s husband’s private iCloud! Our hackers were looking in her cloud for years, until they stumbled upon this video on Edward Abel Smith‘s phone! Lucky for us, he had filmed it all! With their kids, it’s a bit hard to get so much sexy time for them, so it’s not unusual that we can clearly see that this video has been filmed in a hotel room! So guys, if you want to watch the full Edward Abel Smith and Kate Winslet sex tape online for free, just click on the green button at the end of the preview!

Latest Kate Winslet Nude in Sex Scenes from ‘Ammonite’

As we predicted, after many excellent nude scenes of Kate Winslet in the past. She started having sex scenes again. This time in Ammonite movie. A lesbian love story from 1840 England, describing an intense relationship between two girls.

In this hot lesbian sex scene, Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan lying naked in bed as the two girls kiss and then Saoirse kisses her breast. Then we get to see Saoirse’s nude pussy bush as Kate starts fingering her. Kate Winslet takes her nightie off to go fully naked while Saoirse goes down on her with Kate’s tits and pussy are shown. They have oral sex while masturbating and both reach orgasm.

If you like clothed sex, then our next video is just for you. We see Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet in lesbian oral sex action.

In the next scene from Ammonite, we see Kate Winslet nude in bed with Saoirse Ronan.

Kate Winslet Naked and Sex Videos from ‘Holly Smoke’

Next, we see Kate Winslet nude in Holly Smoke showing her tits and pussy as she also has some sex and intense seduction scenes.

The following scene shows young miss Winslet kissing a girl while at a dance club.

After all that kissing, we got to see some Kate Winslet sexy scenes from the club. Before she ends up getting oral sex from a guy she met in the club.

Kate Winslet Sex Scenes in ‘Little Children’

In the first sex video from the little children movie, we can watch Kate Winslet nude while remembering herself having sex with her boyfriend. It’s really intense scene, full of nudity and almost porn action.

Right after that, it’s time for the next sex video scene, Kate Winslet is naked and fucking in a basement. Kate’s big tits are bouncing around as she gets fucked hard.

Kate Winslet Nude Sex Scenes with a Young Boy from ‘The Reader’

In The Reader movie, she is having sex with a boy all the time. This is actually all this movie is about, naked Kate Winslet fucking a young guy nonstop.

First, we see them beside a bathtub, showing her ass as she starts kissing him. We then see some quick shots of Kate showing her boobs while she rides him.

Following is another scene where we see miss Winslet teaching her student how to fuck her.

Yet again we then see the couple having sex, Kate is topless as she rides the guy on a couch.

And now to the best pare. This one is deleted explicit scene of Kate Winslet nude while teaching her student how to fuck for the first time!

Various Naked And Sex Scenes of Kate Winslet

The first scene is from the movie ‘Iris’, Kate Winslet is topless while fucking a guy with her skirt around her waist.

In the movie Quills, we see her naked showing her big tits as a guy gets on top of her and they have sex, Kate is hugging him with her long legs, before he cums in her pussy.

And of course, the legendary scene from the Titanic movie. Where we first time saw Kate Winslet nude and fell in love with her. After this one, she just continued to surprise us with her great performances and sex action in her future movie scenes.


A man watches as Kate Winslet takes off her nightgown to display her entire nude body to him. She then spends some time lying on a bed on her back while the man gets dressed. While Kate is lying on her back, we can clearly see her breasts and bush. Before kissing Kate and beginning to have sex with her, the guy goes on top of her and takes a moment to give each of her breasts and nipples a good firm suck.


Kate Winslet is lying on the bed with her legs spread wide while she is wearing a white nightgown. After that we can see her bloody bush between her legs.



Following a brief glimpse of her breasts as she emerges from the water while still nude, viewers will next see Kate Winslet entirely exposed from the side as she drip-dries.



A man removes the sheet that was covering Kate Winslet as she is resting on her back, exposing her bare breasts. Before Kate wakes up, he continues to kiss and caress them. The man then ascends onto her, and Kate wraps her legs around him as they engage in sexual activity.


“Hideous Kinky”

A guy feeds Kate Winslet fruit while she lies in bed topless, her gorgeous bare breasts trembling. Later, they begin kissing, but a toddler breaks up their kiss.


“Little Children”

Kate Winslet exposes a portion of her bare ass and the majority of her right breast as she embraces a man from behind as he stands by a window. Then, as she disappears from view, she turns to face the camera and exposes both breasts.


“Mildred Pierce”

In a sex scene with a man, Kate Winslet completely exposed herself, first exposing her breasts while lying on her back, then turning over onto him. More of her breasts, a portion of her bush, and the side of her butt are shown as she rides him.


When they move across a room as the man takes Kate Winslet’s clothes off, Kate Winslet is having a guy kiss her neck. He slips her nightie over her head as she leans against the wall, exposing her right breast.


“Heavenly Creatures”

In a wonderful lesbian kiss scene, co-star Melanie Lynskey and Kate Winslet hug and make out on a bed.


Kate Winslet is in the middle of the woods with her girlfriend. Jumping and dancing, they take off their clothes and remain only in bra and panties. They run like that through the forest, and at the end they roll in the grass and kiss.



When Kate Winslet is having sex with a man on a bed, she is lying on top of him and pressing her right breast against his chest. The man then lies on top of her and continues kissing her as she is naked on her back, with most of her left breast and the top half of her bare butt visible.


As Kate Winslet is doused with water while standing in the corner of a room, the white nightie she is wearing becomes see-through, revealing her right nipple.


“Mare Of Easttown”

While they engage in sexual activity on a sofa, Kate Winslet is naked and can be seen from the side as her blouse is moved off her shoulder a few times.


“Romance & Cigarettes”

While Kate Winslet dances and sings while sporting an exposing bra, her breasts can be seen bouncing all over the place as she hops onto a bed where a man is laying.


“The Mountain Between Us”

Before relaxing on a mattress in her underwear and a tank top over a bra, Kate Winslet made out with a man. Before she and the guy have sex, the guy slips her shirt off so that we can see her bra. While he lies on top of Kate, who is naked, her nipples are mostly hidden by his arms, with the exception of one brief glimpse of her left nipple.


“All The King’s Men”

With her legs bowed at the knees and her arms clasped over her breasts, Kate Winslet was found laying naked on her back in bed.


“Wonder Wheel”

The man is lying on the bed, while Kate Winslet is standing in another room putting on socks and suspenders, wearing a bra and panties. She then enters the room and stands by the bed while she talks to the man and gets dressed.


Kate Winslet Nude, Topless and Sexy Photos 

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, after we’ve all seen all of the Kate Winslet naked and sex scenes from various movies, I thought I could now show you a collection of a bunch of Kate Winslet nude, topless, and sexy photos! This blonde is hot as fuck even in her forties, though she has recently announced that it’s time for her not to make any more naked scenes. We are very sorry to hear that, and we hope that she will break her word to show us her tits and pussy at least a few more times!

Kate Winslet Hot and Bikini Photos Collection

And now guys, for the end of this post, I have decided to show you just one more gallery! This time, there is a gallery full of a bunch of Kate Winslet hot and bikini photos! Is it just me, or does she look a lot different in real life versus how she looks like in movies? I am not sure if it’s the lightning, makeup, or even both, but I would fuck her after any scene of hers, though in real life I would probably walk past her and wouldn’t even notice her!

Kate Winslet Sexy New Pics

Look at this guys! Here is a collection of some new Kate Winslet sexy pictures! I have been collecting the photos below for a while now, and I thought that now was the perfect time for me to show you all of them! Some of the pictures below show have been taken straight from Kate Winslet’s Instagram account! Did you know that she has over a million followers there? Keep scrolling and enjoy in the photos guys!

Kate Winslet Feet Pictures

And now folks, for the end, I have to show you just one more gallery! Here guys, is a collection of a bunch of sexy Kate Winsletfeet 1pictures! I know you’ll love this blonde’s soles and toes, so folks, just keep scrolling down and enjoy!

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