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Heather Thomas (Age 63) is an American actress, author, and political activist, who co-starred as Jody Banks on the TV series ‘The Fall Guy‘. Thomas married Allan Rosenthal in August 1985, who is one of the founders of Cocaine Anonymous. They divorced in September 1986. Thomas was struck by a car while crossing San Vicente Boulevard, and she sustained serious injuries to both of her legs. Then in 1992, Heather married entertainment attorney Skip Brittenham and they have a daughter born in 2000.

Thomas left acting in part due to stalkers, as well as a desire to focus on her family and to explore writing. When asked by Reuters “Was it really so bad in the 1980s that you had to quit?” Thomas replied “Yes, I was getting so stalked. I had one guy climb over the fence with a knife one time. I had these two little girls and they desperately needed raising so that was that. But I think now I have gotten so old that people won’t bother me much.” I would stalk this fabulous woman!

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