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Greg Paul nude sex tape

Greg Paul is an American YouTuber and has 56 years. He is the father of famous young blonde YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul, who also has leaked with a sex tape on the Scandal Planet recently!

Greg Paul has more than 16 million subscribers to his self-titled channel where he posts comedy sketches, vlogs, and songs. He is a crowned muser, with over 6 million fans. Also an actor, he was cast as Dirk on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark, Lance in the YouTube Red Original Movie Dance Camp, and Dugan in the FOX Digital movie Mono.

And here is the blonde girl fucked by Greg Paul! She appeared on some of his YouTube videos. The blonde woman in between them is Paul’s wife… Or ex-wife…

Greg Paul has over 550k followers on his @gregpaul63 Instagram account where often posts pictures of himself holding up a piece of paper with handwritten messages or questions. Also, he had to say something about the leaked sex tape:

Greg Paul sex tape

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There are some selfies of Greg Paul, where we can’t see his nude body. But his horny old face is enough to understand the whole story…

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