Eva Green Nude Sex Scenes Ultimate Collection

Here are all of the best Eva Green nude photos folks! Now 42 years old French actress and model, Eva Green appears nude in all of her movies. She is a very talented actress, but she is an even better movie slut. We collected all naked performances of Eva Green in explicit sex scenes. She exposes her tits and pussy a lot, and she does it with style.

Green is Jewish with French and Spanish blood floating in her veins. Eva is naturally dark blonde, and she has dyed her hair brown since she was 15 years old. She appears nude in the following movies. The Dreamers, Proxima, Penny Dreadful, The Salvation, Sin City, Camelot, and 300.

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Eva Green Nude and Hot Photos Collection

Let’s start this amazing post with a collection of Eva Green nude pictures, that she did early in her career. The sexy black haired beauty has a great body! I love hows skinny she is, and yet she has great round boobs! So folks, keep scrolling, since there’s more waiting for you below!

Eva Green Naked in Sex Scenes from The Dreamers

Our first scene is the director’s cut version, where we see Eva Green completely nude on a floor as a guy lays down on top of her and they have sex, showing us her tits and pussy bush.


Eva Green naked as she approaches a guy who is leaning against a table, and then kneels down in front of him and pulls off his pants to discover a photo he is hiding in his underwear.


Next, we see Eva Green fully nude in close-up as a guy rests his head on her pussy, and then moves up to her bare breasts.


Brunette Eva Green is naked as she leans over while riding a guy in bed, kissing him after they finish having sex.


Eva Green wearing long black gloves as she stands topless in a doorway. She then walks over to a bed, where she stands over his head so that he can give her oral sex while we see her reflection in a mirror.



Young Eva Green standing fully nude as she talks to a guy in a bathroom after having taken a bubble bath, her great breasts still with bubbles on them.

Completely Naked and Explicit Sex from Camelot


Eva Green having intense sex with a guy on a bed, wearing a very thin see-through green dress that she pulls aside to briefly expose her breasts before the guy reaches up to squeeze them as she rides him. She then rolls onto her back and they continue to have sex.


Sexy Eva Green walking through a forest at night in a see-through dress, stopping to unhook it from around her neck and let it drop, standing topless.


Eva Green sitting up naked in a bath, her breasts visible through the water. She then pulls herself up and stands in the tub, showing her bare butt from behind and a good portion of her right breast as drips dry while a guy watches through a cracked door.

Eva Green Exposed in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Eva Green reclining in bed naked, smoking a cigarette as a guy enters the room and Eva sits up. She then slides off the bed, her butt coming into view as she approaches the guy and they make out. We then see Eva’s naked body as she has sex with the guy, on top of him and also riding him in reverse. Afterward, we get another good view of Eva’s breasts as she stands naked at a window.


Hot Eva Green floating naked on her back in a shallow round hot tub, giving us a great look at her breasts as she then stands up and looks at a guy who approaches the pool. We then see Eva in a sheer robe with her bra visible underneath.


Black and White scene with Eva Green lying on her side on the floor wearing a skimpy nightie. Eva putting her legs around him as they have sex.

300 Rise of an Empire Sex Scene

Eva Green making out with a guy before they have hard sex all around a room, Eva’s breasts coming into view when the guy tears her dress off from behind. She then throws the guy down and rides him, having him reach up to squeeze her breasts.

Eva Green shows Bare Breasts in Sex Video from Perfect Sense

Nude and Sex Videos from Penny Dreadful (2014)

Eva Green having sex while wearing a nightie that shows cleavage from the side as the shoulder straps fall down. She continues to have sex with the guy as he grabs her butt. And she then flips onto her back underneath him and she makes some small cuts into the guy with a knife.



Next, we see Eva Green sitting on the edge of a long table with some stuffed animals as a guy reaches down between her legs. Then he hikes up her dress and then has intense sex with her as Eva lays back on the table.


Naked Eva Green on a bed, her hips bucking up and down wildly as she appears possessed when a woman comes into the room to look in on her.


Eva Green showing plenty of cleavage in a bustier as she has sex with a guy on the floor, rolling on top of him and throwing her head back as she rides him.

Eva Green Sexy on Red Carpet

Actress Eva Green showed off her Iris van Herpen Haute Couture dress (made with 3D printer), deep cleavage, and sexy legs at the premiere of “Dumbo” in Los Angeles.

Sexy actress Eva Green naked while promoting the Disney movie “Dumbo” in Hollywood, 03/10/2019. Previously, she opposed the use of animals in circus performances. As an example to follow, the actress called Cirque du Soleil.

Eva Green Feet Pics Collection

Look at this guys! A collection of all the sexiest Eva Green feet photos! After we have seen every inch of her naked body, I thought we could now move a bit lower! The pictures in here have been collecting all of the pictures in here for a while, and I thought that now was the perfect time for me to show you all of them! So ladies and gentlemen, just keep scrolling down and enjoy!

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