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Ester Expósito (Age 20) is a Spanish actress and model. She gained recognition playing the role of Carla Rosón Caleruega in the Spanish series ‘Elite’, broadcast on Netflix. Hot young actress Ester Exposito has many nude sex scenes in her performance at the mentioned series. She also appears in movies ‘La caza’, ‘Monteperdido’, and ‘When Angels Sleep’. You can see her full filmography at IMDB website. We are only interested in her sex performance and nudes, as you already know. So let’s get started with Full HD videos and leaked material.

Ester Exposito leaked porn video

And when nobody was expecting, Ester Exposito made us proud! This just 20-years old hottie leaked all over the internet, but her team is deleting the video. Nobody cares about her feelings right now, but Scandal Planet does… We just wanna thank Ester Exposito for making this porn video where she is naked and masturbating. And to tell her that she’s not the only one and not the worst slut in Spain. We have many of their nude girls leaking and sharing private content. So be nice and jerk, Ester is our sweet fragile girl with wet pussy showing in front of the camera. Press play and see it for yourself… LMAO

Ester Exposito nude sex scenes in ‘Elite’

Ester is standing on the bed at the beginning of this scene, she’s wearing lingerie! Then the guy is taking off her bra and panties, they have sex on the same bed! The scene is interesting cause the other guy is standing close to them, hiding and watching them fucking! Ester sees him and tells him something!

We can see this sexy actress exposing boobs in a passionate video. She’s riding this man and showing her big tits. We already saw Ester in threesome sex, but this is the way the new level of her fucking skills. I love her ponytail and would like to pull her by her hair.

Ester Exposito has quite fun while filming this series, as you can see from the last scenes we added, she even had an oral from a guy! In this video, Ester is not nude, she’s wearing gray top and shorts, but the guy is kissing her cleavage and then licking her sweet pussy! I would lick this hot actress’s smooth legs and pussy all night!

Here is the scene where Ester is seen completely naked sleeping next to a guy. Her ass is seen here, but unfortunately, she covered tits with her hands. The guy is watching her while sleeping, assume he’s in love with this hottie!

Ester Exposito threesome sex in ‘Elite’

Now we have our dear young actress Ester Exposito nude again, but this time in a bit different situation, having sex with two guys! Ester has big tits for her figure, and she’s showing them constantly for money! Actually, these scenes are too hot, two guys are bisexual, and we can see them kissing too!

And here is the compilation video:

Ester Exposito sexy and private pics

And just for tickling your cock, already hard and ready to cum, we decided to share some of Ester Exposito sexy and also private selfies. This hoe knows how to drag the attention, with her big boobs. And she has the perfect body for every role you can imagine. Ester Exposito showed her feet, bikini figure, cleavage and tits in front of the mirror!

Ester Exposito sexy on the red carpet

Spanish actress Ester Exposito attends the premiere of the Spanish documentary “Reborn” (Renaceres). It is based on the coronavirus state of emergency in Spain. The documentary was directed by Lucas Figueroa and produced by Mr. Monkey and New Frequency. The event was held at the Gran Teatro Principal in Madrid, Spain (16.12.2020).

Young Ester Exposito arrives at the photocall for the film Lacci at the 77th Venice Film Festival in Italy. The actress displays her sexy figure in an elegant white dress.

Again, sexy blonde Ester Exposito is seen arriving at the Excelsior during the 77th Venice Film Festival in Venice.

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