Erika Eleniak Nude Pictures, Scenes and Porn Video

You absolutely need to see all of the Erika Eleniak nude pictures that we prepared for you! The hot blonde is now too old for my taste, though in her twenties, she was definitely my cup of tea! So, since I am the one writing this article, you will find just her hottest photos in here! Also, next to the photos, in here you will also have a chance to see all of her naked and sex scenes as well! I just know you will drool for every single thing in here, so let’s not waste any time! Keep scrolling down and enjoy in the view folks!

LEAKED Erika Eleniak Porn Video

Look, folks! The Erika Eleniak porn video is finally here! This clip was made years back, around the time she did a shoot for Playboy! I am guessing Hefner liked her a bit too much for just the pictures, so he decided to film her sex tape as well! And considering she had just begun her career back then, he figured she needed the money, so he made her an offer she couldn’t resist! And thanks to him, we now have this clip of miss Erica sucking a dick and fucking! To watch the full Erika Eleniak porn video online for free, just click on the green button at the end of the preview!

Erika Eleniak Nude Photos for Playboy

Alright, so I’ve already said that I am not interested in showing you photos of her current looks. So, I have collected the photos she once did for Playboy! Here guys, is a collection of all the best Erika Eleniak nude photos! She had a great pair of big natural tits, and I think everyone deserves to see these! The photos below are rare and super hard to find, but me and my colleagues scraped magazines and blogs, so you could see these! Keep scrolling down and enjoy in the photos below!

Erika Eleniak Naked and Sex Scenes Collection

And now, as we have all seen every inch of Erika Eleniak naked body, I thought that now was the perfect time for me to show you all of the scenes! A collection of all her naked and sex scenes is here, so just press play!

“Baywatch” (1989)

Erika Eleniak in a collage of scenes looking seductive in a red swimsuit. On the beach, we can see her running and walking.


Erika Eleniak is standing in the office talking to a few other colleagues. She is wearing a red bikini swimsuit and we can clearly see the outline of her breasts and her whole body.


Erika Eleniak exits the pool to the yard and sits on a chair next to it. She is wearing a black and red one piece swimsuit and we can see the outline of her body.


Erika Eleniak sits by the pool and wets her head. Then she goes to the edge of the pool and stops to jump in with a few other girls. She is wearing a black one-piece swimsuit and swimming goggles.


“Under Siege” (1992)

Erika Eleniak, dressed in a black thong, bursts out of a false cake. She begins gyrating her hips, flaunting her ass, before whipping open her sexy Navy costume. She exposes her huge breasts while continuing to dance with her eyes closed and breasts showing. Then he snaps her out of it and holds a gun at her before leading her into another room, where he pulls her up and sits on her on a counter, displaying further glimpses of her cleavage and breast in the open coat.


Erika Eleniak exits the helicopter that landed on the ship. She is wearing a black plunging neckline top and tight black leggings. The man takes her by the hand and walks with her across the deck.


“Second To Die” (2002)

Erika Eleniak approaches the swimming pool in the yard and sits down, and then lies down on the lounger and reads a book. She is wearing a blue one-piece swimsuit.


“The Librarians” (2003)

Erika Eleniak is in the bathtub, surrounded by bubbles. First, a man jumped into the tub with her. She was then seen topless on top of a man in bed. She’s riding him, as evidenced by the side boob and patches covering her nipples.


“The Opponent” (2000)

Erika Eleniak is having sex with a guy while stroking her amazing breasts on his chest. She then flips beneath him while he licks her breasts.


“Chasers” (1994)

Erika Eleniak is laying on a bed on her back. A man removes her shirt to reveal her bra. Then he pulls her bra down, exposing her breasts. He then sucking on her nipples and attempting to pull her shirt completely off over her head. When her shackled wrist gets in the way, he comes to a halt.


Erika Eleniak is laying on a bed on her back. Her bra has been pulled down to reveal her breasts. A man joins her and removes the handcuffs that bind her to the bed frame. Erika is then kissed. We can see Erika lying on her stomach naked while the guy takes her underwear off, exposing her bare buttocks. Erika is then shown on her back beneath the guy as they had sex.


Erika Eleniak is wearing thong underwear and exposing her butt. She is climbing out of a hole in the ground while standing on the shoulders of a man. Then we view her from the top of the hole as she pulls herself out, revealing some beautiful cleavage in her white bra.

Erika Eleniak Feet Pictures Collection

Look at all of these! Here folks, is a collection of all the sexiest Erika Eleniak feet pictures! The blonde has the most perfect pair of feet and I just know that you will love every single shot that you’ll see below! I have been collecting these for a while, and I thought it was he perfect time to show them all to you!

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