Elliot Ellen Page Nude Pics and Vivid Sex Lesbo Scenes

Today’s news is something really different, Ellen Page nudes from backstage have surfaced. She was caught kissing topless with her costar from a movie set. Oh, and the main news is actually that Ellen Page declared herself as a trans and now goes under the name Elliot Page. So there is no wonder anymore of why all of her lesbian sex scenes and girls kissing are so intense.

This photo was taken as Ellen Page and Kate Mara were reversing their lesbian sex scenes for the movie ‘My Days Of Mercy’.

SHOCKING! Ellen Page is Now Elliot Page!

Guys, you have to see this for yourself! We loved watching Ellen Page nude scenes in which she showed us her nice small firm titties, but as it turns out – we won’t be seeing much more of that! Ellen Page has officially become Elliot Page! We all knew she came out as a lesbian in early 2014, but since then, she has gotten married and she’s done many naked and sex scenes! Well, yesterday, on her Instagram account, Ellen Page has officially announced that she is not a woman anymore! She is now Elliot Page! Well, HE is now Elliot Page! Here is the photo that he posted with the caption “Trans bb’s first swim trunks”.

elliot page nude

Then we have another big news. This girl sued Sony for having Ellen Page naked shower scene in the game. We are not going to go into details here. But we will show you the scene.

Now let’s move on to some of the best lesbian sex scenes from this actress.

Ellen Page PORN Video with Ex-Wife Emma Portner

You won’t believe with what I just woke up to in my inbox! here, ladies and gentlemen is the explicit Ellen Page porn video that has been leaked online! This video is still exclusive to us, so the only place where you can see it is here, at Scandal Planet! What is in this video? Well, here folks, you will have a chance to see Ellen Page’s pussy getting licked and fingered by her now, ex-wife, Emma Portner! The girls obviously enjoyed each other’s company very much, and when you watch the full sex tape, you will understand how these ugly women stayed together for so long! We will at firls see Ellen’s pussy get licked, but then, it’s time for Emma to get some action as well! They’re screaming so loud, that it’s not completely clear to me how did the neighbours not come by to see if everything was okay! So folks, here is just the preview, but if you’d wish to watch the Ellen Page porn video over and over again, you just need to click on the green button at the end of the preview! Becoming our member is completely FREE, and it has so many benefits! So why miss out on a chance like that?

NEW Ellen Page Nude LEAKED Photo

You won’t believe what I just came across at! Here folks, is the newest Ellen Page nude photo that was leaked online! Well, it’s actually just a preview of the picture, but we will soon have the real one! Can’t wait to see how her tits looked like before she became a guy! Now we can see her it’s almost every day, but they are not interesting at all! To be completely honest, she didn’t have much, to begin with, but there still was more than there is now!

Ellen Page Nude in Lesbian Sex Scenes

First, we have a compilation of Ellena Page lesbian kissing scenes. This is just to make your blood flow into the right parts of your body.


Ellen Page lying on a pillow as Evan Rachel Wood helps her pull her to get naked. We first see her bare back as Evan begins to rub her back but then stops. Ellen then turns to face Evan and sits up. From Into the Forest.



Ellen Page and Zosia Mamet making out before we see them undressing and kissing some more, Ellen going topless and Zosia in a bra as she lays back on a bed. Ellen then leans over to kiss her some more. From Tales of the City.


Ellen Page and Kate Mara kissing before we see Ellen naked on her back with her breasts in view as Kate, wearing a dress, straddles her and the girls have lesbian sex, Ellen grinding against Kate until Ellen reaches orgasm, both girls breathing heavily.

Kate Mara and Ellen Page both naked as Kate kisses Ellen Page on the breasts while fingering her. They continue to lick and kiss each other. Never stopping to finger bang wet pussies. From My Days of Mercy.

Ellen Page Nude Streight Sex Scenes

Ellen Page straddling a guy in the back of a van as she pulls her shirt off to show bare breasts and perhaps a flash of bush before leaning over to make out with the guy while having sex. He then rolls her onto her back and we get another view of her breasts. From Tallulah.

Ellen Page of Juno fame in her first-ever nude scene as she makes out with a guy and pulls her shirt off over her head. Ellen then lays back topless and the guy lays down on top of her to have sex. From Into the Forest.

Ellen Page of Juno fame standing in an alley making out with a guy for a while and then having her jean jacket removed and having sex with him up against a wall before lying down on the ground and having more sex with him on her back giving us a couple of very dark views of some of her breasts.

Ellen Page Topless Pictures

Check out these Ellen Page topless photos that Ellen Page has done with her lesbian ex-wife, Emma Portner!  Emma Portner is a professional dancer, so these kinds of pictures are not new to her, but for Elliot on the other hand, I think he/then it was still she, had a bit of a problem with these kinds of photoshoots! Nevertheless, the then couple looks great, and I love to see lesbian titties touch even when the girls are not hot and actually quite ugly!

Ellen Page topless

Ellen Page Hot Photos Collection

Check out Ellen Page hot, feet, topless, and bikini pics! This girl is cute as fuck, but unfortunately, she is a lesbian. Page has pretty face lines, but her body is flat as Canada. Ellen showed us her attributes on pics she made for social media and magazines!

Here are the best lesbian pics of Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore. These two lesbians are seen kissing, and cuddling for the photographers!

Elliot Ellen Feet Photos Collection

Alright ladies and gentlemen, so for the end of this post, I have decided to show you a collection of a bunch of sexy Elliot Ellen feet photos! This woman, who is now a man actually, has a great pair of feet and she knows it! So, she is flaunting them as much as she can! Keep scrolling and enjoy guys!

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