Elle Macpherson Nude and Lesbian Sex Scenes

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Elle Macpherson is a 56 year old Australian model and actress, who became known for her Sports Illustrated photo shooting in the middle ’80s! Today she’s a creative director and founder of lingerie line and beauty products ‘The Body’, so others call her a businesswoman, she’s just one more slut in the row of blonde busty whores! Elle was married for 10 years and has 2 kids, but now she’s fucking a lot younger football player from her country!

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Elle Macpherson Nude Photos

Here are some of the best Elle Macpherson nude photos guys! In the gallery below you can see the perfect naked body of Elle Macpherson! She exposed hairy pussy several times, and her tits are often seen on the yachts and beaches!

Elle Macpherson Nude and Sex Scenes

Alright guys, so here are all of the best and my personal favorite Elle Macpherson nude and sex scenes!

‘A Girl Thing’

In this HD scene from ‘A Girl Thing‘, we see Elle Macpherson showing her nude tits. She has lesbian sex with Kate Capshaw, who is also naked. They kiss each other and Kate kisses down Elle’s tits. She then pleasures Elle with her hand in this nice lesbian scene.


In our first scene from the ‘Sirens‘ movie, we see naked Elle Macpherson, Kate Fischer, and Portia de Rossi posing for an artist. Elle is showing full-frontal nudity standing up, Kate showing tits while sitting next to Elle, and Portia de Rossi in a short white dress behind her.


Elle Macpherson was stripped naked, a premiere for the movie Sirens. This moment was eagerly awaited male population, in view that she is valid for the best body in the world. In this scene, lesbian full charge, we see how Tara Fitzgerald floating on the water, then Elle Macpherson emerges from the water nude and showing naturally nude big boobs. Kate Fischer and Portia de Rossi also emerges from the water and show their bare breasts.  All three girls run their hands over Tara’s body while we see their boobs above water. Many beautiful breasts in one place, the gold medal for Elle`s boobs, silver, and bronze for nipples of her friends.

Elle Macpherson and Kate Fisher entering the lake completely naked. Beautiful view of their naked ass and breasts. The boobs of these girls are beautiful but completely different. Elle has perfect, sculptural breasts and Kate has real big natural boobs. Really the perfect scene to watch.

Elle Macpherson, nude and dressed in grey to resemble a statue, standing outside at night. Later in the film, we see Elle in a similar pose, this time walking down from her pedestal and turning around to walk forward, exposing both her ass and her front.

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