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Elisha Cuthbert (Age 37) is a Canadian actress and model. She played Kim Bauer in the series ’24’, Darcie Goldberg in the comedy ‘Old School’, Danielle in the ‘The Girl Next Door‘, and Carly Jones in the ‘House of Wax’. As of June 2019, she plays Abby Phillips in the Netflix Original Series ‘The Ranch’. In 2013, Maxim magazine named her “TV’s most beautiful woman”. What a title! Cuthbert made her film debut in the drama ‘Dancing on the Moon’. Her first major lead role came in the ‘Airspeed (No Control)’ alongside Joe Mantegna. She starred in the movie ‘Lucky Girl’, ‘The Quiet’, ‘Captivity’ and in the three seasons of the ABC comedy ‘Happy Endings’. Cuthbert and hockey player Dion Phaneuf married in 2013.

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Elisha Cuthbert Nude & Sex Scenes


Elisha Cuthbert fleeing the scene of an automobile accident. Her breasts are bouncing around wonderfully. She takes cover by running across a field and into some trees.


Elisha Cuthbert walks hurriedly down a hospital corridor. She’s making her breasts bounce a little. She then comes to a halt to speak with a man. Elisha’s pokey nipples are visible when she stands near a door.


Elisha Cuthbert displaying her pokey nipples. She’s wearing a white tank top and looking in the mirror. She then exits the bathroom and enters another room. She approaches a man and takes a seat at a table. Her cleavage-baring tank top is still on.


“The Girl Next Door”

Elisha Cuthbert is spotted kissing a man. They’re riding in the back of a limousine. In this love scene, she climbs into his lap to have sex with him.


Elisha Cuthbert sitting on a sofa, having a guy pretend she’s going down on another male, then lifting her top to display her bra before kissing the other woman. The man then fantasizes about having sex with Elisha.


Elisha Cuthbert shows off her cleavage in a pink bra before stripping down to her underwear to go swimming. She is then seen standing at the door. She’s drenched in her pink bra and sloppy-tied shirt.


Elisha Cuthbert flaunting her cleavage. She’s wearing a black bikini top. She is on stage with a few other girls. She then exits the stage and walks away.


Elisha Cuthbert is observed undressing via a window. She’s taking off her bra to expose the side of her breast. She leans down to remove her pants and expose her ass in a red thong.


Elisha Cuthbert unbuttons her blouse. She’s sleeping in a motel room. As she creeps towards a guy, she reveals a crimson bra. As she leans over, she displays him her ass in a pair of tight jeans.


“Old School”

Elisha Cuthbert is dressed in a pink tank top and pink pantyhose that creep up her ass. She stays in bed for a while before getting up to put on some jeans.


“Happy Endings”

Elisha Cuthbert flaunting her cleavage. She’s wearing a pink low-cut swimming suit top. She welcomes a guy inside an apartment where she’s throwing a beach party, while another female sits in a blue bikini top with other girls and gentlemen.


“One Big Happy”

Elisha Cuthbert is taken aback when another female grabs her and begins lesbian kissing her. She then gets into it and kisses her back.


Elisha Cuthbert is caught off guard when another female grabs her and kisses her. The lesbian then kisses Elisha again while some guys look on.


“The Quiet”

Elisha Cuthbert is standing in front of an ironing board. She is dressed in a blue bra and pantyhose. She irons while conversing with another female who is lying on a bed in the room.


Elisha Cuthbert shows off her cleavage while wearing a blue bra. She is ironing when a man enters the room and approaches her.


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