Clea Duvall Nude in Lesbian and Forced Sex scenes

American actress Clea DuVall has been nude in many movies. In most of them, we can see her in lesbian sex scenes, kissing, and fucking various girls. She is known for movies The Faculty, 21 Grams, The Grudge, Zodiac, Argo. And recently she appears in The Carnival TV show, where she gives us some amazing forced sex scenes.

Lesbian Sex Scenes of Clea Duvall Naked

Let us start with the most recent Clea Duvall lesbian sex scene from Carnivale. The scene starts with her lesbian kissing Carla Gallo (right) before they pause for a second and then go back to making out with each other.

Then Clea appears in American Horror Story, famous for many sex scenes with famous nude Lady Gaga. I personally watched this show just because of GAGA. But miss Duvall also has some really hot lesbian sex scenes in this show.

And finally, we can see Clea Duvall lesbian kissing with a girl in the Intervention movie. This girl is obviously a lesbian since all her kissing and sex scenes with girls are so intense and realistic.

Clea Duvall Nude in Sex Scenes

In one of my favorite scenes from Carnivale, we see Clea DuVall naked as she has sex in the front seat of a car as a storm takes place outside. She moans so nicely and makes this sex scene intense and unforgettable.

Next scene from the same show futures Clea DuVall is on the floor having forced sex with a guy on top of her as the camera rotates around them.

Clea Duvall Sexy and Naked Pictures Collection

We selected just a few sexy photos of Clea Duvall. She has so many nude sex scenes, that there is absolutely no need for anything more than that.



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