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Christie Brinkley Nude and Hot Photos

Oh man, this woman is 69 years old! Can you believe it? Today we have blonde model Christie Brinkley nude and sexy pics she did for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017, and you can see her perfect face and photoshopped body on the beach! Wavy hair, a perfect bikini figure, and a camera are all one model that needs to be famous today! When Christie started there wasn’t so much nudity online, so she became way too popular! Brinkley looks like a young girl and reminds me of Malin Akerman! Keep scrolling down and enjoy ladies and gentlemen! There are her naked and sex scenes waiting for you below!

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“National Lampoon’s Vacation”

Christie Brinkley stands on the road next to a convertible. She is wearing a short white dress with a high neckline. She dances while looking at a man standing in the park next to her. At the end, she beckons him to come to her with her finger.


Christie Brinkley is removing her bra and pantyhose. At night, she stands beside a swimming pool. Before we show her skinny-dipping and inviting him into the water with her, she’s conversing with a guy. Christie stands naked in the pool, her body hidden by the swirling water.


“Direct Tv Commercial”

Christie Brinkley is naked in the pool. By the pool, there is a muppet talking to her. She talks to the camera the whole time. At the end, a man jumps into the pool next to her.


“Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2017”

Christie Brinkley is at the beach with her daughters. They are filming a swimsuit commercial. Christie wears mostly one-piece swimsuits. In parallel, she talks about how it was once upon a time when she started posing in front of the cameras.

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