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Addison Timlin is an American actress, best known for her roles as Jami Lerner in ‘The Town That Dreaded Sundown’ and Colleen Lunsford in ‘Little Sister’. She is also known for playing Sasha Bingham in the ‘Californication’ series. Timlin and is married to American actor Jeremy Allen White and they have one child together. The couple married recently, on October 18, 2019.

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Submission (2017)

In this sex scene, we see Addison Timlin stripping topless and exposing her tits while she stays in stockings and boots only! Addison and a much older guy start to make out and she lays over him! The guy starts to fuck Addison a bit, then his cock became soft and she stands up!

‘That Awkward Moment’

There is one more Addison Timlin sex scene, where she is seen enjoying intensive sex from behind. One guy opens the door and interrupts this fucking moment of Addison and Zac Efron. She is wearing a large t-shirt and we can see her big tits bouncing through the shirt.


She loves to have sex on the screen! Addison Timlin is seen naked in an intensive sex scene, where she showed her beautiful body! Timlin fucks a guy and asks him to fuck her hard in a doggy! We have a nice view of her nude boobs and pointed nipples as she moans hard!


The last video of nude Addison Timlin as she has hot sex with the guy. While Addison Timlin rides him, she gives us a nice view of her big natural tits and juicy nipples, we can see her boobs and ass in the mirror too. I like this woman!

Our fave actress Addison Timlin is standing up at a meeting and pulling her shirt up to expose nice shaped breasts. The group of people look on, surprised by her flashing.

Brunette Addison Timlin is wearing a pink robe that barely covers her boobs! And then going fully topless as she drops the robe off. She talks with a guy while changing shirts.

Sexy actress Addison Timlin is pulling her shirt over her head to reveal her nice nude tits. She is going topless, as jumps into a guy’s arms, kisses him. We see Addison’s breasts once more, as she pulls her shirt back.

‘Life Like’

Now Addison Timlin is kneeling on a bed and making out. A guy lifts her shirt off to reveal a see-through bra. She then lays, showing nipples visible through a bra. The guy kisses his way down her chest and stomach.

Here is hottie Addison Timlin lying on her stomach on a massage table. The guy rubs her back and then kisses between her shoulder blades. She then rolls over onto her back, her nipple is seen. The guy then kisses her on the lip and we see Timlin’s boobs with nipples. They make out.

Addison Timlin is in an open robe with panties and a see-through bra visible underneath. She then lays back on the bed and masturbates, moaning and arching her back as she pleasures herself. After she cums, Timlin sits up and we get a better view of her cleavage and nipples through the bra.

‘All Roads to Pearla’

Addison Timlin is making out with a guy in his lap. He picks her up and carries her into another room. There we see her topless in a pair of panties, as she climbs into his lap on a chair and kisses him. Then the guy then slides Addison’s panties off so we see her nude ass, before he lays her down on the floor and they begin to have sex.

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