Diane Farr Nude and Sex Scenes Compilation

Folks, you absolutely have to check this out! Here is a collection of all the Diane Farr nude and sex scenes! This fifty-one year old brunette is really on fire! She really took the “fifties are the new twenties” seriously! Well, you won’t see me complaining, I’m just pointing it out! This milf has three children, and she still looks good! Well, definitely not as good of a milf as Elle Macpherson is,  that’s for sure! You can take a look at Elle Macpherson’s nude photos collection here on Scandal Planet, and be the judge of who is a better milf out of two of them for yourself!  But for now, just keep scrolling down to see what Diane Farr has blessed us with!

Diane Farr Nude and Sex Scenes

Alright folks, so now it’s time for me to show you all of the Diane Farr nude and sex scenes that we prepared for you!

‘Palm Swings’

The first couple of scenes that I have to show you are from a movie called ‘Palm Swings’. In the first scene, we see Dianne Farr as she stands fully naked. She’s at first exposing her bare breasts. And then slowly stepping backward while we get a full-frontal view, including her big bush.

Okay guys, so here’s the next scene from ‘Palm Swings’ that I have to show you! In this scene, we will see Diane Farras she’s fully naked in bed with two guys! Yes, you heard me right – two guys, not just one! Then we see that some girl is watching the threesome and masturbating! That girl is Sugar Lyn Beard, and after that, she gets a little action from one of the guys too!


The next Diane Farr nude scene that I have to show you is from the famous TV series called ‘Californication’. In this scene, we at first see Diane Farr in a coat as she talks to a man. We after that see her when she drops her coat to reveal a fully naked body underneath it! In this scene, we have a great view of Diane Farr’s tits and ass!

‘About Cherry’

The next, and sadly the last scene for today is from the ‘About Cherry’ movie! In this last scene, we see Diane Farr as she and Heather Graham are lesbian kissing! The two girls are at first just kissing, but Diane Farr then rips down Heather’s dress and pushes her down on her knees! Heather starts going down on Diane. But after a while, Diane Farr throws Heather down on the floor and starts fingering her hard! Heather tells her to stop, but Diane is ignoring her until Heather cums!

Diane Farr Hot and Bikini Photos Collection

So fellas, now that we have all seen Diane Farr nude in all of those sex scenes, I think it’s time for me to show you a collection full of Diane Farr hot and bikini photos! All of the photos that you’re about to see were carefully chosen for your eyes only, so fellas, just keep scrolling down and enjoy!

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