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American model and actress Stella Stevens. Stevens made her acting debut in the Bing Crosby-produced picture Say One for Me in 1959. She later appeared in TV shows like Bonanza in 1960 and the anthology series Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

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Stella Stevens Nude and Hot Photos

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Stella Stevens Naked and Sex Scenes

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“South Beach”

Stella Stevens lies in a sun lounger in a bathing suit, showing her bare legs and cleavage. Then she stands up, so we can see her toned butt.


“Down the Drain”

Stella appears in a black corset with almost transparent lace and we can see the beautiful shape of her breasts.


“Las Vegas Lady”

We can see the outline of Stella’s breasts and butt as she bathes with the girls in the pool.


“Last Call”

Stella in a ravishing sex scene where we see her beautiful cleavage, as well as her slender legs in hot stockings.


“Monster In The Closet”

While taking a shower we can see Stella’s bare top and her provocative breasts.


“The Silencers”

In this scene, we can see her partner rip her dress off and she is left in her ravishing underwear with a stunning figure.



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