Raquel Welch Nude Pics and Sex Scenes Compilation

Check out the collection of Raquel Welch nude pics and many topless sex and forced scenes from her career in two compilations! This woman was hot since the day she started to act, so let me make you nut for her naked ass and boobs!

Raquel Welch is an actress from Chicago. She first came to prominence with the role in ‘Fantastic Voyage’, and this led to a contract with the 20th Century Fox. Her bikini images became best-selling posters turning her into a celebrity sex symbol. She went on to feature in various movies such as ‘Bedazzled’, ‘Bandolero!’, ‘100 Rifles‘ and ‘Myra Breckinridge’. Welch had a unique persona that turned her into an iconic actress and sex symbol.

She created a niche as a lady who played strong female characters and broke the stereotype of obedient sex symbols. Raquel was partly credited with bringing about the Hollywood phenomenon of a blonde bombshell. She won a Golden Globe Award for the role in 1974 for ‘The Three Musketeers’. Welch also got nominated for a GGA for Best Actress in Television Film for the movie ‘Right To Die’. Many magazines ranked Welch among the Sexiest Stars in Film History and Stars of the Twentieth Century.

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Raquel Welch Nude and Sex Scenes

Here we gathered Raquel Welch nude and sex scenes, some forced videos, where she is seen all sexy and hot as hell. The scenes are from ‘Trouble In Paradise’ and ‘100 Rifles’. In the first one, we can see Raquel Welch unbuttoning her top to reveal some of her boobs and then fighting with a guy. Stabbing him giving us a flash of her nipple before getting up. Then she is seen in the sex scene wearing a white nightgown while on top of him and then while lying on her back and kissing him. The third one is also an amazing sex scene.

“Trouble in Paradise”  (1989)

Her folks is a scene from a movie called “Trouble in Paradise”. We can see Raquel Welch as she lays down next to a man! They have sex and we can see the actress fully naked!


The next scene is from the same movie. In this scene we firstly see Raquel Welch as she’s laying on abed! She is wearing a white silky nightgown! When someone knocks on her door, she stands up and we can see a good portion of her ass!


“100 Rifles” (1969)

Raquel Welch had quiet sex with a man while on top of him and then while lying on her back and kissing him. She is dressed in a white nightgown. High resolution DVD image from “100 Rifles.”


Raquel Welch is seen continuously rubbing her breasts while washing herself underwater as three men on a train watch. As one of the men tries to join her, she shoots him. She is wearing a little see-through beige shirt and has erect nipples.


Raquel Welch unbuttons her brown top to show some of her breasts, fights with a guy, and stabs him, flashing her right nipple at us, then squats down to stand up. High resolution DVD capture from “100 Rifles”.

“Lady in Cement” (1968)

In this compilation, sex bomb Raquel Welch is soaking wet and wearing a leopard-print dress that exposes her breasts. As she helps a guy out of a pool of water. She then pushes the guy back into the water and stands up. Showing more of her wet see-through dress and her nipples underneath it. Then we have Raquel Welch swimming in a pool. Then lifts herself up on the ladder and shows some nice cleavage in her wet bikini. She steps out of the pool completely and puts a towel over her shoulder as she sits down to talk to the guy. Enjoy folks!

“L’animal” (1977)

Raquel Welch is helping a man out of a pool of water as she is completely drenched and sporting a leopard-print garment that clings to her breasts. She then pushes the man back into the water before standing up and revealing more of her wet, somewhat transparent dress, which also reveals her nipples underneath. From the movie “L’animal” (AKA Animal).

Raquel Welch Naked and Hot Photos Collection

And for the end, we saved the best part of Raquel Welch nude. Here is Raquel Welch topless and naked, also in a bikini and swimwear posing for magazines. Playboy and others gave this woman credits, but we like her a lot more. She deserves our comments and the part in Scandal Planet’s celebrity nudes section!

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