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Paula Patton (Age 45) is an American actress. Patton made her film debut in the 2005 comedy ‘Hitch’. Then she had starring roles in the films ‘Déjà Vu’, ‘Precious’, ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’, ‘2 Guns’, and ‘Warcraft’. In 1991, when she was just 16, Patton met a singer Robin Thicke, who was then 14. Thicke asked her to dance. The couple began dating in 1993 and married in 2005. Patton gave birth to their son, in 2010. They announced their separation in 2014, after 21 years together and almost nine years of marriage.

Then the couple had legal issues, cause Patton accused Robin of child abuse. Court documents showed that Patton detailed numerous abusive incidents. She stated, “Given Robin’s history of hitting me with a closed fist, pushing me onto the ground, and kicking me, I had no doubt he was capable of hitting Julian, particularly after having used cocaine, alcohol, or whatever other substances with which he is presently involved.” Patton and Thicke reached a custody agreement in August 2017.

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Paula Patton Nude and Hot Photos

Here are some of the best Paula Patton nude and hot photos! Here are the numerous sexy and topless pics of Paula Patton. This fantastic actress was noticed in her late 20s, and since then she’s been one of the most popular and prettiest actresses in Hollywood. She has long legs and a thick body. Patton likes to show her attributes on the red carpet and in magazines. We collected the best images!

Paula Patton Naked and Sex Scenes

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‘2 Guns’

Here is Paula Patton nude, showing bare boobs, as she fixes a drink. She wears nothing but a pair of red panties. She kneels down on a bed beside a guy and talks to him. while her nipples are peeking out behind the long hair.


Then Paula Patton is seen pulling her shirt off over her head to reveal the lingerie underneath. She climbs onto a bed with a guy and lays down on top of him. What a figure!


‘Jumping the Broom’

In the next scene, hot Paula Patton is sitting on a bed in a black bra. She’s showing the cleavage, as talks to a guy. After a while, Paula gets dressed.


Paula Patton is seen in a scene, checking herself out in a white bra and panties. As she stands in front of a mirror and turns from side to side. A guy then climbs in through her window and we see Paula still in her underwear as she makes out with the man.



In this scene, beautiful Paula is showing nice cleavage, as she climbs into a guy’s lap in a car and makes out with him. Then Paula Patton has sex with him before we get another view of her cleavage, bra, and ass exposed in the porn scene.


After the sex scene, Paula Patton is undressing in lingerie. Then she goes swimming in a pool, and then a guy joins her! Showing cleavage as she makes out with him against the edge of the pool.

In the third scene, sexy Paula Patton is seen topless, as she shows her boobs and lowers herself down onto him. She is wearing a thong bikini bottom.



Paula Patton is seen in ‘Mirrors’, walking through a house in a wet shirt and showing nice cleavage. She kneels down to look underneath a table and gives us a great look of her cleavage.



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