Patricia Contreras Nude Photos and Backstage Porn video

Now, Patricia Contreras, a former nude model from Mexico, is a popular fashion blogger. She successfully puts videos on YouTube that make men watch porn and also has a popular page on Instagram. She is a Mexican/Italian mix, and that is one of the reasons she looks so exotic. We are so happy to get in possession of her backstage sex tape, where we see Patricia Contreras’s naked body in its full glory.

Patricia Contreras Sex Tape

I am not going to let you wait for too long, to watch leaked Patricia Contreras porn. She appeared in magazines such as GQ Italy, Top Magazine Italy, Nuovo, and Buzzland. And she made a terrible mistake on one of her early castings. Her photographer had a hidden camera, and he got the whole backstage action film. So in this video, you can see her flirting with him, and seducing him. She also strips to change her clothes, and then we get to see Patricia Gloria Contreras nude in front of us. I am not telling you what happens next, you won’t believe me anyway. So take a look at the video for yourself, and enjoy the action.

Patricia Contreras Nude Photos

Let me introduce you to Patricia Gloria Contreras’s naked tits! She suffers a wardrobe malfunction, commonly known as oops as a wave knocks off her sexy bikini at the beach in Miami. And her perfect boobs are fully nude, with hard nipples at your disposal.

She reminds me so much of Gal Gadot who recently got very popular for her leaked nudes and porn video scandal. But Patricia’s sex tape is a bit more interesting in my personal opinion.

Patricia also likes to take topless selfies at the beach. Paparazzi spent all day taking photos of her. She removes her sexy bikini top and we get to see Patricia Contreras nude nipples before she covers them back with her hands.

She wore a pink bikini and tried to fix her boobs several times, so they almost slipped! However great under-boobs are here!


Patricia Gloria Contrera Sexy and Bikini Photos Collection

Before you watch her in the explicit sex tape, we would like to show you some more of Patricia Contreras sexy bikini photos. Not all of them are in a bikini, some of them are in sexy lingerie, and some are in nice evening dresses. But they are all as sexy as they can get.


Let me add two more unintended oops photos, where we get to enjoy some more of Patricia Contreras naked body parts!


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