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Natalie Portman (Age 38) is an Israeli and American actress. Until today, she won an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Her most popular roles include movies ‘Léon: The Professional’, ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace’, ‘Star Wars prequel trilogy’, ‘The Seagull’, ‘Closer’, ‘V for Vendetta’, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’, ‘Black Swan’, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. Then she appeared in ‘No Strings Attached’, ‘Thor’, and ‘Thor: The Dark World’. She is vocal about the politics of America and Israel and is an advocate for animal rights. Portman is married to dancer Benjamin Millepied since 2012, and they have two children.

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Natalie Portman Nude and Leaked Photos 

Check this out guys! After we have all seen the Natalie Portman porn video, let me show you a few of her nudes! Yes guys, in here you will find the Natalie Portman nude photos that leaked online! They were all hacked from her apparently not that well secured personal iCloud! And yet in here you will also find some of the Natalie Portman naked photos that are not private! Either way, I know you will enjoy in all of them, so just keep scrolling down!

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Natalie Portman Nude Tits on Paparazzi Pics

Check out the paparazzi photos of topless Natalie Portman. She was sunbathing and then took off her upper part of the bikini. Her small tits and hard nipples took some sunlight and got a bit sunburned. Then we have Natalie Portman sideboobs, exposed when she attended the ‘Downtown Dinner’ held in downtown Manhattan, New York. She was wearing a silver loose dress, with no bra. It shows a little bit too much skin, but especially tits, or it’s better to say everything but nipples!

Natalie Portman Sexy on The Beach

Look at these new Natalie Portman sexy shots! She was pictured by some sneaky paparazzi as she did a shoot for Dior! She was completely wet at one point! While dealing with her marital troubles, Natalie Portman is living her best life, donning a flowing red dress in a beautiful beach shoot for Dior in Spain.

Natalie Portman Naked Lesbian & Sex Scenes

‘Black Swan’

One of the best and hottest scenes ever is here! I’m talking about Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis’s lesbian video from the epic movie. Kunis and Portman are making out at first, then Mila is taking off Natalie’s pink lace panties and goes down to lick her pussy! Portman enjoys and cums on Mila’s mouth!

In the second scene, Natalie Portman masturbates in her bedroom! She wears girly pink panties and a t-shirt in the same color. Natalie is playing with herself, touches her pussy until she notices someone at the door!

In the third scene, French actor Vincent Cassel is fucking Mila Kunis on the office desk. Natalie Portman is watching them and imagines herself at Mila’s place! Kunis is wearing a black bra and moaning like a real porn star. You need to decide who would u fuck rather, hot and crazy black swan Mila Kunis nude or pretty white swan Natalie Portman?

‘No Strings Attached’

Here is Natalie Portman in three naked and sex scenes. The first one shows us the Natalie Portman sex scene and her hot body. We see her bare breasts as she is rolling around with a guy in bed. Her nude boobs pressed against him. Then she is lying naked on the bed on her back at the top of a guy, her legs are high and he holds her over for a butt. They have vigorous sex.

Then we added Natalie Portman naked boobs in a nude sex scene, where she also has hard sex with a guy in bed. She is laying on her back and he fucks her in a missionary position.

The third is Natalie Portman’s naked butt scene. Natalie Portman nude ass and some cleavage in a blue bra are her! As she stands up from the bed we get a quick view of her nude butt. Then she begins to get dressed and exposes her cleavage.

‘Goya’s Ghosts’

In the first scene, we can see Natalie Portman laying down on the floor of the prison cell. She is naked and when she gets up on her knees, we can see her naked body very well. Portman gives us a very good view of her butt and boobs.


In the second one, Portman is seen in a very challenging position, a full-fledged leg shows her sexy attributes. She sits on a couch with spread legs and panties pulled aside. Her boyfriend has a good view and at one moment she slips her right boob as her nipple popping out of her bra. This is a Natalie Portman nude sexy scene from the ‘Closer’ movie.

‘Hotel Chevalier’

The third scene will give you Natalie Portman and her nude ass. She stands in front of a guy who takes off her panties and her small but tight buttocks. At some point, we can see a part of her nude right nipple.


Natalie Portman’s ass is here again! In this nude scene u can see Natalie Portman stripping her bikini at first as she lays on the towel completely naked, showing her bare ass! Some guy sprinkles water on Natalie’s ass, she became wet!


Hot Natalie Portman topless rides a black guy, at the end of this compilation! She has an affair with a black guy while her husband is absent! Natalie Portman enjoying the sex and this black big cock, she has an orgasm and the sex stops!

Natalie Portman Sexy Bikini Body

Guys! Take a look at all of these shots of Natalie Portman sexy as fuck! She was pictured by some paparazzi the other day! The best thing about the sneaky paparazzi is that they catch all our favorite celebrities on their daily activities! Now, for example, we have some great shots of Natalie Portman in a bikini! These photos were taken in Sydney, on the Bronte beach!

Natalie Portman Hot at The Premiere of Thor

Look, guys! I have some new shots to show you! The new Marvel movie just premiered a few days ago! And as exciting as that is in itself, what excites me, even more, is the fact that Natalie Portman has one of the lead roles in the movie! Natalie Portman hot body will now be seen on the big screen! The actress looks great, though her age is now very visible, and we can see every single wrinkle she has! Also, her makeup artist should be fired immediately! Her eye makeup is uneven, and her face looks older than she actually is! But, it’s not only her makeup artist’s fault, her stylist is also to be found guilty! He or she dressed her skinny body so it looks even uglier! I don’t know, just an overall bad job if you ask me!

Natalie Portman Hot on Red Carpet

Look guys! Here are some new shots of the sexy actress! Natalie Portman hot body was caught by some paparazzi! She was spotted taking photos to promote the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” at Gran Melia Hotel in Rome! Miss Portman wore a hot red dress that showed off her long legs!

Natalie Portman Topless, Hot and Feet Pics

We saw too many collections of Natalie Portman sexy pics online. But this one is special cause it’s coming after the nudity. Just for teasing your cock after you came. Portman has perfect beautiful feet, legs, and cleavage and she likes to show them all. And Portman knows how to pose. It’ll be strange after all these years of being a celebrity, for her to be shy…

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