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Maria Pedraza (Age 23) is a Spanish actress and Ballerina best known for portraying Alison Parker in the Spanish series ‘La Casa de Papel‘. She also starred in the Netflix series ‘Élite’, playing the character of Marina.

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NEW Maria Pedraza Nude Pics

Guess who loves posing naked lately? Yes, that’s right, we have the two new Maria Pedraza nude photos! She posed nude in a bathtub as she had her bubble bath! She posted these on her Instagram account, on which she has over 12 million followers! She became quite popular in the last few years, didn’t she?

NEW Maria Pedraza Topless Photos

Alright, guys! You must see these new Maria Pedraza topless photos! The sexy Spanish actress is teasing us whenever she grabs a chance! She posed for a few photos for her Instagram account! She is on the sea somewhere enjoying her vacation, and she paused for a second to take these two extremely sexy photos!

Look, fellas! I have some more photos of Maria Pedraza topless body to show you! Check out these new shots of the hot actress! She just loves posing naked, doesn’t she?

Maria Pedraza Nude and Sex Scenes

All of Maria Pedraza nude and sex scenes are here! So, alright folks, so first off, let me show you some of my favorite ones from the show “Elite”, and then we’re going to move on to some from “La Casa De Papel”, “Amar”, “Toy Boy” and many more! Keep scrolling and enjoy fellas!


Maria is making out with a guy, then he takes her clothes off, revealing her bra after what she goes topless! Pedraza then goes into his lap fully naked, and we have a view of her nude ass and boobs! They are fucking on a couch! This woman knows how to fuck a man and how to drive her fans crazy!

María Pedraza is here in the second sex scene. She is again making out with a guy and laying back on a bed in the bra. The guy then takes her lingerie off and licks Maria’s pussy as we see her naked boobs! She then shows more, these two have sex before ending up lying in bed naked!

In the third scene, we see María Pedraza lying on topless with a guy’s arm around her before he moves away, and we see her breasts. We then get a look at her in a bra as she gets dressed in a white see-through bra! Enjoy folks!

‘La Casa de Papel’

In the first one, we can see María Pedraza kissing with a guy in a restroom, sitting in his lap, while he’s taking her skirt up and unbuttons her shirt. Then the guy takes out a phone for a selfie, moving her bra open to expose her nude boob and snaps a picture before she quickly covers it up and gets angry.

‘Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island’

The second one is Pedraza’s nude sex scene from ‘Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island’. In this scene is Maria Pedraza seen naked behind a guy, out of focus as she moves to lay down on her stomach next to the guy, still nude. We then see her ass while they’re talking! Scroll down for more!


Last, but obviously not the least, here’s Maria Pedraza sex scene. She is seen here naked too, removing her clothes and revealing nude tits! Then having a guy kiss her nipples, and stomach, before he puts on a condom and has sex with her on her back, then she’s riding his cock, with his face pressing into the boobs!

‘Toy Boy’

María Pedraza is making out with a guy, as he undresses her down to a white bra and matching panties. The guy then picks her up so we see her butt in her panties. He places her back on a bed, María is showing cleavage in her bra. Then the guy takes it off for a brief reveal of her nude tits.

María Pedraza nude is lying on her side in bed. She is showing side boob, as the guy strokes her back to wake her up. She then talks to the guy and rolls over to face him, revealing her breasts in the process.

Beautiful María Pedraza topless is kissing with a guy on a boat. She is undressing and having the guy take her bra off so we see her naked boobs, as she and the guy begin to have sex.

Maria Pedraza Tits in Big Cleavage

Take a look at all of these photos of Maria Pedraza tits! The sexy actress really knows how to make us all wonder what is she hiding under her clothes! Luckily, we all already know what her naked body looks like! But, nevertheless, it’s always good to see her dressed up sexy! Here, she was pictured attending the “Toy Boy” Premiere in Madrid held at Capitol Cinema.

Maria Pedraza Sexy on Red Carpet

Check it out guys! Here are some new paparazzi shots of the beautiful brunette! Maria Pedraza sexy body was pictured by some paparazzi the other night! She was attending the “Bones And All” red carpet at the 79th Venice International Film Festival in Venice, Italy. Maria Pedraza wore a long black gown that kissed her body all the way down! Her tits had seen better days, though her figure looks fantastic!

Maria Pedraza Bikini Body 2021

She isn’t a Latina, but she speaks Spanish, and she’s hot as a one! Here folks are some new photos of Maria Pedraza in a bikini! She was caught by some sneaky paparazzi on a beach in Ibiza while she was with her friend Juanjo Almeida!

Maria Pedraza Hot in a Black Dress

Check this out guys! Here are some photos of Maria Pedrazahot in a black dress! She wore one of the biggest cleavages ever on a red carpet! This was during 68th San Sebastian International Film Festival at Victoria Eugeia Teather in Donostia last year.

The only larger cleavage that I’ve seen was worn by Margot Robbie! You can see the collection of paparazzi pics from when she wore that big cleavage, here on Scandal Planet!

Maria Pedraza Sexy Images

And the sexiest pics of Maria Pedraza are collected. This girl rocks and we collected all of her hottest moments. Pedraza showed cleavage, bareback and shoulders, topless and bikini figure here…

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