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Lynn Collins (Age 42) is an American actress. She has made television appearances in ‘True Blood’ and ‘Manhunt: Unabomber’. Also, she is recognized for her roles in films such as ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and ‘John Carter’. Collins married then 21-year-old actor¬†Steven Strait in 2007, after a four-year relationship. They separated in 2013. She married musician Matthew Boyle in 2014 and they have a son.

Lynn Collins nude and sex scenes

‘True Blood’

Here is the first and also the best Lynn Collins naked sex video. She is seen in a hard sex scene, showed her beautiful tits and butt. Lynn has wild and intensive sex with a guy and gives us a nice view of her nude boobs and juicy nipples. Watch Lynn Collins nude ina wild sex clip she made fro series ‘True Blood’.

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‘Angels Crest’

Then we have Lynn Collins topless scene. She is waking up in bed wearing see-through panties and a cropped purple shirt, showing bush through the thin panties as she walks around a house. She then stands by a window as she takes off her shirt, showing first her left breast from behind and then her right as she puts on a yellow dress with no panties underneath as a guy watches. The guy then approaches and we see her bare ass.


In the next scene, we can see Lynn Collins naked tits and erect nipples in an intensive sex scene. She fucks with a guy and we have a nice view of her nude boobs and nipples when she rides him. Watch Lynn Collins naked tits and nipples in a hot sex scene and jerk it boys.

‘Lost in the Sun’

And in the last scene, Lynn Collins lying on her back in bed, the sheets pulled up to her chest as a guy leans over her. We then see that her right breast is exposed and we see her nipple a couple of times as she moves underneath the guy.

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Lynn Collins feet and sexy pics

We also added Lynn Collins sexy and feet pics we managed to collect. This hot woman has a perfect body and likes to show it! Her boobs are often seen in cleavage, legs naked and bare feet in high heels. Her face is beautiful, and smile is naughty…

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