Lais Ribeiro Nude ULTIMATE Collection

Check out one of the most beautiful supermodels on the world, Brazilian Victoria’s Secret Angel Lais Ribeiro nude pics, topless and sexy images we found online!

Angel Lais Ribeiro (Age 27) is a sexy Brazilian model working for Victoria’s Secret brand! A year after giving birth to her son Alexandre, she started working as a model in Brazil and became the most booked runway model from Brazil! She was wearing the most expensive bra in the world at this year’s VS Show in Shangai and Lais showed her nice-shaped boobs!

Lais Ribeiro nude photos

Check out Lais Ribeiro nude professional photos she did through the years with some famous photographers! Lais showed her perfectly shaped boobs and ass. And that’s what we expected in fact. This woman makes me hard every time I see her!

In the gallery below u can see completely nude whore Lais on the beach and topless pics of her nude boobs! Enjoy and check out our other nude celebs!

Lais Ribeiro topless and butt for Sports Illustrated

Victoria’s Secret Angel Lais Ribeiro’s butt is the main object of new pics she did for Sports Illustrated magazine! Lais had a great photo shooting on the beach half-naked and sexy like hell! Ribeiro showed us her butt and pussy in G-strings, tits covered with tiny bikini and beautiful face! I adore her way of looking at the camera like she’s sucking a dick and looking at your eyes!

Lais Ribeiro in bikini with her boyfriend

One of the most famous Victoria’s Secret Angels nowadays, Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro’s boyfriend looks like shit! This dude has a large amount of money on his bank account, but the woman does you ever think about anything else than cash?! Lais and her lover Joakim Noah were seen together in Tulum, Mexico on a vacation! Ribeiro wore sexy bikinis and looked perfect like always! Enjoy watching her, I still can’t believe she gave her ass to this dude! Joakim Noah is a French basketball player, who’s started a career in 2007 for Chicago Bulls, and now when he’s 34, he’s playing for Memphis Grizzlies!

Lais Ribeiro wearing a famous VS bra

Check out this perfection! One of Victoria’s secret angels Lais Ribeiro is this year’s whore number one! She will wear a $2 Million Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra. And her tits will be the main object on the show in Shangai! Take a peek at how was at VS show last year where angels were hot as always showing their tits and asses around!

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