Kylie Jenner Hot On her Vacation With Tyga

Last few days paparazzi were busy, unlike us, we were just drinking and doing drugs. Well, the fuck with it, it was new year’s eve! Anyway paparazzi brought us Kylie Jenner hot pics from her vacation in Punta Mita, Mexico.

On the pics below we can see Kylie in various bikinis and sexy outfits, but one photo stands out. It is the one where Kylie is sitting on the side of the pool with her ass popped out, and Tyga’s hands grabbing it. Well, I guess the two love birds fucked hard in that pool after, I know I would rip that ass in half if I was on Tyga’s place. Anyway enjoy this enormous butt!

Kylie Jenner with fat friend
Kylie Jenner hot ass
Kylie Jenner hot
kylie jenner in yellow bikini
Kylie Jenner on the poolside
Kylie Jenner on vacation in mexico
Kylie Jenner sexy in airplane
Kylie Jenner sexy in bikini
Kylie Jenner sunbathing
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