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Check out the famous actress Kirsten Dunst nude and topless pics of her boobs, pussy, and nip slips. And, believe me, or not, but the Kirsten Dunst porn video is here as well! Also, all her nude and sex scenes where Dunst showed tits and ass on the screen! These breasts will make you nuts for her…

Kirsten Dunst is an American actress. She is 37 years old. This blonde became popular as Claudia in ‘Interview with the Vampire’, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. She also appeared in other movies such as ‘Little Women’, ‘Jumanji’, ‘ER’, ‘The Virgin Suicides’, ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous, Dick’, and ‘Crazy/Beautiful’. Young folks remember Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson in the ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy. Since then, she appeared in ‘Mona Lisa Smile’, ‘Wimbledon’, ‘Elizabethtown’, ‘Marie Antoinette’, ‘Bachelorette’ and won Best Actress at Cannes for her performance in ‘Melancholia’. That’s the movie where she showed boobs and tits in scenes, and we have them below…

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Kirsten Dunst Nude Leaked Pics

We all remember Kirsten Dunst as the sweet face girl, but this leak is something totally new for her and for our leaked celebrities archive! We can see the tweet that she posted a day after her nude pics leaked online from personal iCloud. She also gave them shit and a pizza. Kirsten Dunst confirmed this leak by posting a tweet, cursing iCloud with shit emoji! LMAO
On the web, u can’t find many nudes of Kirsten Dunst, cause she’s too shy for nudity and she is not attention-whore like almost all actresses! For that reason online u will find too many Kirsten’s fake nudes, some well photo-shopped but still, fake! Cheer up, we have her genuine LEAKED pics stolen from iCloud and released online!

Some celeb she dated received these nudes, I guess it’s actor Jake Gyllenhaal, or Johnny Borrell, or maybe actor Garrett Hedlund. Now Kirsten is fucking the ‘Fargo’ actor Jesse Plemons and they have a son. Kirsten showed her nice boobs and big nipples, just for your eyes, so forget fakes and enjoy in these natural tits on Scandal Planet!

NEW Kirsten Dunst Upskirt Pics

Folks! Are you ready to see some new Kirsten Dunst upskirt pics! The blonde actress apparently loves showing off her underwear! I’d say lingerie, but fuck, her choice of panties is completely granny-like!

Kirsten Dunst Nip and Pussy Slips and Braless

We have the best Kirsten Dunst cleavage and topless pics, also several braless pics where she’s wearing see-through outfits and shows her nipples. She likes to wear dark dresses on the red carpet, with no bra of course. Maybe she could release the boobs again and give us her nude tits on the red carpet, no nip slips beside the popular one from the beach. Hot Kirsten Dunst was fighting the waves! Also, she gave us her pussy while she was leaving the car. The skirt went up and her pussy slipped out of the panties… It’s hairy, so she didn’t expect to have sex this night! I actually don’t see why, but Kirsten reminds me so much of one of the most popular French actresses! Maybe you see the similarity like me, visit Melanie Laurent nude leaked pics and hot sex videos for confirming it!

NEW Kirsten Dunst Hot Pics 

Well well, take a look at how hot this blonde can look! She was always hot, but I never considered her my first choice, I don’t know why.. But, after seeing these new photos that she’s done for ‘Woodshock’, Kirsten Dunst is now sexier! These Kirsten Dunst hot photos were taken as the blonde was posing in lingerie and a see-through nightgown!

Kirsten Dunst Hot for Calvin Klein

Look at these Kirsten Dunst hot shots! The blonde posed in some black underwear for the Clvin Klein campaign! Kirsten Dunst poses for Calvin Klein Women’s Spring 2017 collection. Kirsten Dunst is an actress, singer, and model from the United States.

Kirsten Dunst Sexy New Phtoos

Fellas! You must see these new Kirsten Dunst sexy photos! Most of these, if not even all of them, came straight from Kirsten Dunst’s Instagram profile! This is a small collection of a few photos, and I know that you will love them all! The blonde looks hot, and she is getting older, though she still looks banging!

Kirsten Dunst Sexy Pokies In Public

Guys, check out what we have here! Kirsten Dunst sexy pokies moment in public! She was wearing a yellow dress, and she wasn’t sexy at all – but her hard nipples made her very hot! So, just keep scrolling and have fun!

Kirsten Dunst Nude and Sex Scenes


Here are all of the best Kirsten Dunst nude and sex scenes! At first, we have every scene described by itself. Then jump to the video land screenshots of the scene… It’s enough for jerking folks…

‘All Good Things’

Here is Kirsten Dunst showed bare naked boobs in her first-ever nude scene as she steps topless into a shower… The video is from ‘All Good Things’, and following the title, we can see the director’s point with Kirsten Dunst topless scene!


Then Kirsten Dunst appeared nude in ‘Melancholia’. She is seen lying in the grass, somewhere outside, and then a much closer view of Kirsten Dunst boobs as she stares up at the sky. She is then naked in another scene in the bathroom. As another woman holds her up by a bathtub and helping Kirsten to baths. We see her nude ass and tits…

Kirsten Dunst is naked while another woman supports her by a bath tub, exposing her bare buttocks and right breast from the side. As the woman attempts to help Kirsten into the water, we get a good look at her left breast. Kirsten instead slumps to the bottom, and we see her lying next to the water, nude on the floor.


Then the famous ‘Bachelorette’ scene, where Kirsten Dunst is having sex with a guy in the public toilet of some event center. As sitting on a counter with the dress hiked up as the guy stands between her legs and fucks her hard.

‘Marie Antoinette’

After the sex, it’s time for Kirsten’s scenes from ‘Marie Antoinette’. Here she’s wearing a see-through white shirt with her nipples on fleek. She then has some girls taking off the shirt, standing and showing part of her ass from behind. Kirsten Dunst is then shown from behind as she raises her arms and has people help her pull her dress off, revealing her bare ass. That’s a life of the royals…

Kirsten Dunst is seen from behind as she lifts her arms and has several people assist her in removing her robe, exposing her bare ass. Perhaps this was a body double.


Now she’s turned into a redhead. Her most popular role in ‘Spiderman’ showed us one sexy scene. Kirsten Dunst is seen in the alley, wearing pink soaked wet top, and hard nipples through it. Then she’s giving a wet kiss to Spiderman as he hangs upside-down, the savior has come.


Then we can see Kirsten Dunst in four sexy scenes, she’s undressing, taking pants off to reveal panties and wearing a cropped white t-shirt. The shirt reveals her firmed boobs as she enters into bed with the guy, kneeling over him. She kisses him and they notice someone outside the window, then stop the foreplay. Kirsten Dunst is seen then in a love scene. Lying with an arm covering her tits. Dunst is then showing the nipple through her top as she has jokes around on a bed with a guy. Dunst is then shaking her tits and almost exposing them as she dances wildly.

Kirsten Dunst in a love scene with a man, and then lying on her side with only her arm shielding her breast.

Kirsten Dunst Cleavage Exposed at Emmy Awards

Here, Kirsten Dunst cleavage was exposed at the 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards! Kirsten arrived with her husband Jesse Plemons and this was their first public appearance after the birth of their first child. So, Kirsten Dunst looked stunning as you can see in the pics and she gave us her tits on the plate! Not the same way she did when her private nudes leaked online, but we can be satisfied with this deep cleavage too!

Kirsten Dunst Hot and Bikini Photos Collection

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the end of this post, I have decided that I want to show you just one more gallery! And this time, I wanted to prepare for you a collection that you will love! So folks, keep scrolling through this gallery that is full of a bunch of Kirsten Dunst hot and bikini pictures! You’ll love every single one of these!


Kirsten Dunst Sexy and Deep Cleavage

And here is Kirsten Dunst sexy moment of deep cleavage again! She was wearing a black dress, and her boobs were perfect! You will have a great time with this gallery, so you better hurry up and just keep scrolling down to enjoy!

Sexy Kirsten Dunst Feet Photos Collection

Guys! You must check out this amazing huge collection of many sexy Kirsten Dunst feet photos! The blonde has a great pair of soles, and I just can’t wait to show them all to you! So folks, just keep scrolling down and enjoy!

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