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All of the Julia Roberts nude content is here! From her leaked nudes and porn video, to all of her sex scenes and hot photos! You will find it all in here, so folks, I highly suggest you to just keep scrolling down and enjoy! This hot brunette is fifty-three, and she’s not getting any younger!

Julia Roberts is an American actress and director, who became a Hollywood star after her role in ‘Pretty Woman’. After that, she won 3 Golden Globe Awards and was nominated for Oscars four times! She even won an Academy Award for Best Actress after her role in the movie ‘Erin Brockovich‘! Her brother Eric Roberts is famous too, but, we like her niece Emma Roberts, the most whose leaked nudes are on Scandal Planet as well!

Julia Roberts Porn Video – OLD SEX TAPE LEAKED ONLINE

Here folks, is the sex tape that I was mentioning above! And yes, this really is the miss’s Julia Roberts porn video! She is seen fucking with some random fat dude! We know this isn’t her first husband, Lyle Lovett, nor her second husband, Daniel Moder. She divorced the first guy in 1995 and married the second in 2002. So, she had seven whole years to fuck around with anybody who she wanted. And this sex tape dates to some of those years, so miss Julia Roberts obviously had a lot of meaningless sex back then! Anyways guys, click on the green button at the end of the preview to watch the full Julia Roberts porn video online for free!

Julia Roberts Nude Leaked Pics

Check out one of the hottest leaks ever! Today in our mailbox came one strange photo and a text ‘Julia Roberts nude leaked picture’. Of course, we were suspicious and did some research regarding is this really the legendary 90’s diva, and the results are stunning!

This actually really is Julia Roberts, and according to her specific moles, we have the proof! The woman in the picture is on all four trying to reach something when someone took a pic of her! She is naked here, showing her nude boobs and huge nipples I didn’t expect to see! Oh my God, this Wednesday can’t be any better!

Julia Roberts Nude and Sex Scenes

Here guys, are all of the best Julia Roberts nude and sex scenes! She had many roles in her career, and some of these scenes are from various sources. Therefore, I have arranged them by which movie they’re from!

‘Pretty Woman’

The first few scenes are from the famous ‘Pretty Woman’ movie. Julia Roberts is in bed with a guy, lying on her back as he draws her nightie over her head, revealing her right nipple for a fleeting moment. During this love scene, we see her left nipple coming into focus as they begin to make out.

As she comes out of shower, Julia Roberts shows off her left breast from see-through white nightie.

Julia Roberts strips down to her bra and underwear as she kneels in front of a man and prepares to attack him.

‘Erin Brockovich’

The next scene is from the ‘Erin Brockovich’ movie. Julia Roberts poses next to a bed in a bra and an open top, revealing some cleavage, as if she were a beauty pageant contestant.

‘The Pelican Brief’

And now guys, here is the last scene that I have prepared for you! This scene is from ‘The Pelican Brief’ movie. Julia Roberts is seen in a white bra doing her hair in front of a mirror in the bathroom.

Julia Roberts Fat Ass

Look folks! I have some new photos to show you! Julia Roberts fat ass was holding everyone’s attention! The actress wore a pink swimsuit which didn’t cover her big belly! If she wasn’t almost sixty, I would have thought that she was pregnant! She was pictured by some sneaky paparazzi on Christmas Day with her family in Sydney!

Julia Roberts Hot in a Bikini – Caught in Mexico

Well well, it’s time for us to take a good look at some Julia Roberts bikini pictures! Julia Roberts and her husband Daniel Moder traveled to Puerto Vallarta with their children for some family fun. When relaxing by the hotel pool in Mexico, the Hollywood A-Lister wore a two-piece bikini. Some sneaky paparazzi caught her, and we are now blessed with these shots!

Julia Roberts Topless, Lingerie, and Sexy Photos Collection

And now ladies and gentlemen, after we have all seen the Julia Roberts nude photos. I think it’s now time for me to show you all of the Julia Roberts topless, hot, and lingerie photos that I have collected! This brunette is hot even in her fifties, but she was a sex symbol back then when she was younger! Therefore, I will now show you some of her older and newer pics too, so you can compare her looks now and back then!

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