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Guys! Check out all of the best Eva Longoria nude, topless, and hot pictures! Prepare to adore Eva Longoria nude and sexy body for the rest of your life! She’s a perfect born in Texas, but not the only one! We all know Eva Longoria as a spoiled Latina from ‘Desperate Housewives‘. She was as sexy as hell, but we never saw her nudity until now! I am giving you Eva’s naked pics where she’s posing with chains, covering her pussy and tits, but you perverts can imagine her all naked!

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Alright guys, so the Eva Longoria porn video is finally here! You read it right! The sexy Latina and her ex were doing naughty stuff! The two of them were not together for very long before they had their kid. So, they kept it new all the time! One of the things that turned them on was making sex tapes! This video is one of those homemade tapes! So guys, if you want to watch the full Eva Longoria porn video online for free, just click on the green button at the end of the preview! She is moaning as good as she’s riding it! Eva Longoria was hot as hell before, which you can see in this video!

Eva Longoria Nude Pictures

What a woman! Eva Longoria nude boobs and ass are the wet dream of every American. Tony Parker was fucking this pretty girl, and now it’s time to imagine her in your bed! The brunette has always looked good, but her peak has definitely passed! So, here are some photos from back then, when she was still one of the sexiest Latinas on TV!

Eva Longoria Naked and Sex Scenes

Okay folks, so now it’s time to press play and enjoy! Here are all of the best Eva Longoria naked and sex scenes!

“Carlita’s Secret”

Eva Longoria wearing a blue bikini with a wrap and Maria Bravo wearing an orange bikini with a wrap as they converse briefly with Alejandra Gutierrez who is wearing a brown bikini top before strolling over to a guy and talking with him.


Eva Longoria dances for a gentleman while wearing a blue man’s shirt and white underwear, giving us looks from underneath at her butt and then from the front.


Eva Longoria is seen kissing Maria Bravo while wearing a blue dress and a lesbian outfit on a stage.


“Without Men”

Eva Longoria takes off her dress and slowly enters the water and approaches one of the girls who are already in the water. After they talk, the girl pulls Eva under the water and as they dive, she touches and kisses her.


Eva Longoria approaches the table where the girls are eating. Eva is wearing a short blue tank top that she pulls over white panties. Since we only see her from behind, we can enjoy the view of her butt.


“Sylvie’s Love”

Eva Longoria wears a corset and long gloves on her hands and dances with a group of men on stage.


“Any Day”

Eva Longoria walks into the kitchen where a man is standing. She is dressed only in a blue tank top and panties and is talking to a man, who then leaves the room.


Eva Longoria enters the room where the man is and approaching him, she takes off her shirt and remains only in her panties. The man starts kissing her and in the next scene we see him lying on top of her on the bed. After that we see a man lying on his back on the bed with Eva riding him while they have sex.


“Desperate Housewives”

In a red bikini and while sitting next to a spa, Eva Longoria shaves her legs before having a man hose down her legs before she begins to dry herself with a towel.


While she flirts with a man and converses with him, Eva Longoria removes her top to show a floral bra. He then picks her up and kisses her as she is laid out on a table.


Eva Longoria is shown lying in a bathtub while being seen through the water, before she leans in and briefly makes out with a man.


Eva Longoria enters a room while wearing a bra and underwear before climbing up on top of a man, kissing him, and conversing with him.


Eva Longoria stands in the room dressed only in sexy underwear and slowly puts on her halter top. A man stands in the room and gives her stockings, but she lies on the bed and holds out her leg for him to put her stockings on, then she pulls him on top of her and they start kissing.


“Childrens Hospital”

Eva Longoria in a ravishing dress with a high neckline and high heels lies on a hospital bed, covered with a sheet, then suddenly jumps off the bed and poses for a group of people standing in front of her.



Eva Longoria is sitting at the bar in a dress with a very plunging neckline. A man approaches her and sits next to her. While she is talking to him, she takes off her earrings, wig, and finally takes out the inserts from her bra. After a while, the wig she threw catches fire on the candle and the fire sprinklers go off. The man takes Eva in his arms and carries her out of the bar. Eventually they start kissing.


Eva Longoria is sitting in a restaurant with a man at the table. At one point they get up and start dancing so we can see Eva’s stunning figure and beautiful cleavage.



As the garage door is raised, several people see a garage full of half-naked people, who begin to run away. Eva Longoria is sitting in the corner of the garage wearing only a bra and panties. One of the women tries to pick her up so they can escape, but Eva doesn’t get up.


Eva Longoria sits against the wall of a room full of men dressed only in their underpants. The woman next to her takes off her shirt and pants, so that Eva remains dressed only in panties and a bra. An armed man approaches her and picks her up.


Eva Longoria Hot Photos Collection

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we all saw her naked body now.. So it’s time for a collection of all the best Eva Longoria hot pictures! That petite body keeps me up at night, and I just know you will love every single picture in here! So folks, keep scrolling down and enjoy!

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