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Slut Elettra Lamborghini is a reality star of ‘The Italian Killer’, and became known on the MTV series Super Shore. She was part of the cast of MTV’s Spanish version of Geordie Shore. Her father Tonino Lamborghini is a businessman and her grandfather is Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the worldwide luxury car brand! She is something like an Italian Paris Hilton, spoiled, rich, and ugly!

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Check it out folks! Here are all of the Elettra Lamborghini nude photos of her big tits! She was enjoying a sunny day out on a yacht with her boyfriend when the paparazzi followed them around! Italian singer Elettra Lamborghini is spotted relaxing topless on a yacht in Formentera, Spain, on July 5, 2021, looking as stunning as ever in a provocative white bikini.

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OK, we know that see-through dresses and appearances are quite popular nowadays, but Elettra Lamborghini naked appearance dragged too much attention! Elettra Lamborghini wore a metal dress with nude nipples and hairy pussy visible for the paparazzi and audience at MTV VMA Awards 2018! If u ask me she’s too ugly to drag attention the other way, so this hoeing is reasonable.

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Check out the famous granddaughter of the Lamborghini family, Elettra Lamborghini nip slip that happened while she was one of the judges on ‘The Voice of Italy’ TV show! Elettra looked disgusting like always, but we love her huge plastic tits the most! She is ugly and we don’t understand why she’s not using the money of her family to be pretty like every Hollywood bitch these days?

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