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Charlie Murphy was born on 30 November 1984. She is an Irish actress. She is well recognized for her portrayal of Siobhán Delaney in the drama series ‘Love/Hate,’ and she also appeared in “Peaky Blinders.” She won the Irish Film and Television Award for Best TV Actress in 2013 for it.

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Charlie Murphy Nude and Sex Scenes

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Charlie Murphy is seated on a man’s knee at the side of a bed. She is naked, but the man’s arm is around her, hiding her breasts from view.


Charlie Murphy stands in front of a naked man while removing her underwear from under her skirt. The man then lies down on top of her to have sex while she reclines on a wooden floor.


In order for a man to have sex with her while standing in an alleyway at night, Charlie Murphy will hike up her black dress and turn to face a wall. After he’s finished, she pulls her dress back down while we get a brief glimpse of her bare bottom from the side.


Charlie Murphy, who is blindfolded, watches while a man removes her robe, revealing a beige bra underneath that shows her nipples. Then, with the guy’s back to the camera, she is seen having intercourse with him while they are leaning up against a wall.


Charlie Murphy gets out of the pool and goes to his lounge chair. She is wearing a black bikini, and after drying herself with a towel, she puts on a black skirt, takes her purse and leaves the pool while a man watches her the whole time.


Charlie Murphy sits as a man ties her hands behind her back, wearing only an unbuttoned silk robe and we can see her bare breasts, while she has a blindfold on. Then they start having sex on the floor while man is behind Charlie and holds his hand over her breast. Later we can see other man entering the room and interrupts them.


In a montage sex scene with a guy, Charlie Murphy exposes her bare breasts and butt while leaning up against a wall and lying on the ground. She then lies on her back on the floor, naked, as the guy drips some water on her neck from a cloth. Charlie then rises up and flashes her bush and butt before donning a robe and leaving.


Charlie Murphy is shown in a bra and underwear as a man leans over her and tugs a rope that is cinched around her leg. After that, Charlie is lying on her back in bed with the covers pulled up to her chest, exposing most of her right breast.



From above, Charlie Murphy is seen having sex with a man while lying on her back and having him slowly rock back and forth on top of her.


Charlie Murphy is filmed having sex with a man while riding him in reverse and sitting on the toilet while she has her pants and panties down. They are filming themselves with a mobile phone camera while some women knock on the door outside the bathroom attempting to get inside.



Near a bed, Charlie Murphy removes her clothes, exposing her bare butt and side boob as she stands naked and examines her arms.


“Peaky Blinders”

Charlie Murphy is shown getting out of bed while still being completely naked, first exposing her right breast and some bare butt before presenting her left breast while riding him on his lap.



Charlie Murphy is lying naked in the bathtub and we can see her bare breasts. After that, the man pushed her head under water with his hands.


“The Foreigner”

Charlie Murphy lies naked next to a man on the bed after they have finished having sex. He goes to the bathroom and Charlie goes to his desk and takes the data from his laptop. She manages to get back to the bedroom in time, before the man returns from the bathroom.


“The Last Kingdom”

Charlie Murphy removing her dress to reveal her bare butt and some side boob while standing in the woods with a guy. Then, we watch her having sex with the man while initially lying on her back, rolling over on top of him, baring her butt, and then revealing her right breast from the side.


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