Cassie Ventura & Keke Palmer Kissing

A little throw back! Cassie Ventura & Keke Palmer kissing and posted on Snapchat by accident. (SCROLL DOWN for video)

Cassie Ventura Keke Palmer Kissing

Preview Only – VIDEO BELOW

After Cassie Ventura kissed Keke Palmer, the press started to speculate if Keke is a lesbian. And when press media asked Keke about if she is a lesbian she said:”It’s not important if am I gay, am I straight or am I bi! It’s about liberating a young woman!”

Well if you ask us, we only encourage Keke to liberate herself, and the Cassie Ventura is the perfect girl to liberate with! (wink)

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  • Nikola Vucinic

    really great kissing video