Amber Rose Reacts To Kanye West Music Video

Following the release of Kanye West’s X-rated music video featuring a nude Amber Rose wax figure lying in bed, she reacted as video stated that Kanye made her “famous”.

Amber Rose Reacts To Kanye West Famous Music Video

Amber Rose stated that she was labeled as Kanye West girlfriend in a past and because of that she become famous. But now she is not anymore a Kanye’s girlfriend, and that she worked her ass off for everything she has. And if Kanye wants to put it that way, than he is famous because of Jay-Z… Way to point a double standard!

Well girl is right, but we are expecting a Kanye’s answer to this, and we are speculating that he could pull something about Amber’s sex tape(we have it) out of his sleave!

Here are some screenshot of Kanye’s notorious video:

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