Alessandra Martines Nude Pics & Sex Scenes Compilation

When somebody mentions Italy and nudity, my mind automatically comes to one thought, Alessandra Martines naked! Here we collected all od her nude and sex scenes in a compilation, alongside many of hot, topless, and feet pics!

Alessandra Martines (Age 57) is an Italian-French dancer and actress. She has debuted at a very young age as a dancer at the Zurich Opera House in 1972. After some time working in the United States, including the Chicago City Ballet, Alessandra moved to Rome. She worked at the Teatro dell’ Opera there. In 1985 Martines began her collaboration with RAI, with the lunchtime chat/quiz show ‘Pronto, chi gioca?’. She later gained great popularity with the Saturday Night shows ‘Fantastico’ and ‘Europa Europa’. And then for her portrayal of Princess Fantaghirò in the ‘Fantaghirò’ series. In cinema, Alessandra is best known and her interpretations under the direction of her ex-husband, the French director Claude Lelouch. She also appeared in several movies, ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘And now… Ladies and Gentlemen’.

Martines has a daughter with husband Claude Lelouch who she was married to from 1995–2009. In 2012 at the age of 49, she had a son, with a partner since 2008 Cyril Descours who is 20 years her junior. This MILF is a cougar!

Alessandra Martines nude and sex scenes

‘Tout ca pour ca’

In the first scene. Alessandra Martines is seen naked during a dream sequence. She lies on a bed on top of a sailboat in the middle of the ocean. All while a guy strangles her and then steps away giving us a good look at her nude tits. He rushes around the bed to check on her and then covers her with a blanket, camera zooms these perfect boobs in.

Then Alessandra Martines is lying next to a guy in bed moaning with her shirt unbuttoned. She masturbates and plays with her exposed right boob. The guy watches as she gets progressively louder and louder all as he tries to cover her mouth and keep her quiet. Hot actress is screaming as she orgasms while he holds onto her.

Alessandra Martines is again giving us a great look at her nude boobs. She sits up in bed naked rubbing lotion all around her breasts. Martines talks with a guy on the phone before she finishes using the lotion and continue to sit there topless talking with him.

Sexy Alessandra Martines is wearing a sheer black see-through top that clearly shows her breasts underneath. She practices ballet in front of a mirror and then turns around giving us a longer and better look at her topless body. She is stretching, all as a guy walks up the stairs and then talks with her until finally, she slides to the ground. The man sits behind her and then squeezing her tits.

Dancer Alessandra Martines is slowly standing up fully nude in the middle of a dark courtroom. Then she is extending her leg up into the air showing her nude pussy, bush in between her legs. She begins stretching and then dancing around the room as the people in the courtroom watching.

Alessandra Martines sexy and feet pics

We saw too many nude celebs here on Scandal Planet, and most of them are all fake and plastic. I just can’t stop jerking when natural beauty is the subject of the day.

Well, today is that day, cause Alessandra Martines is all-natural and perfect. Her naked body made me hard, but it’s time to see many of her red carpet and social media appearances. This MILF loves chicken meat, according to her love life history. And we understand that guys… Here Alessandra Martines showed cleavage, legs, feet and sexy figure!

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